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Mccormick from goldman mccormick associates a public relations firm a guy that actually help helps us up guests for this show on occasions it's pleasure to have you mr maccormick how are you i'm doing unbelievable how about yourself dr huber's on tomorrow night he's always amazing so i'll settle i'll settle for unbelievable that's great so as somebody who works in public relations you had some thoughts on what has happened with roseanne in the last forty eight hours and you say you've got five things that remember publish an article about some of the five lessons we can learn from roseanne's firing what it says the culture america and i'm going to say the first lesson we can all learn from throws experiences at the american lynch mob adheres to coburg highs creed of no mercy an hours of the racially perceived tweets roseanne was apologizing profusely that did not do anything to stem the american lynch mob they repeatedly attacking air condemning your chastising every once kind of piling on top there's noone said kill your forgiven we hope you get help or something like no it's it's much martius and nothing you've probably want to say is that you can love roseanne you can hate roseanne disdain what she did but the fact that matters that her show was captured a large piece of america i mean working class there was a sorry there's a poll by a company called morning consult in two thousand eighteen and this is going back to the majority of democrats and republicans both say the television shows need to have more working class characters and that's where the show is about future working class characters and they were characters that were lied to be president trump's supporters and the fact that she pulled an eighteen point two million people premier twenty one years at the show that's off the air obviously tells you that she's still relevant obviously tells you that she targeted demographic that you the people are not paying attention to but definitely exists so that's one thing and also unbalanced about a controversy can burn down a palace i don't know if you remember a show called mary children.

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