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Hey deal that was designed for china to come in as they always do through the back door and truck totally take advantage of everyone since sessions doesn't run for president but trump does it sounds like bannon very much wanted to be part of a populist republican presidential campaign in 2016 no matter who the candido us that's right steve bannon's goal was to just get these issues out there make the republican party having knockdown draggedout brawl over them and what side are they were going to be on and i've been following trump for a long time and it will just natural i saw these early these early small rallies a day bossie would put on in iowa and new hampshire amid very famously julie piers are very famously one time in new hampshire said hey jeremy i'm doing it every on my siriusxm with donald trump you know you can't you can interview trump rate affirs of which jeremy peters my good friend said donald trump's not a serious candidate i did not only by the way you like the other ninety guys i know in meat and and in in politics journalists i respect all of told me the same thing a couple of guy said if i entered if i was caught intervened might be fire right a komites said yuki because they're ripe our readers might fire your here how much respect you're saying you're have for me right now this year you you you you were the first gotta get andhra for the mainstream media and i think that says a lot because andrew was the visionary we would not be here today was not for his vision i think you you with one of the first guys a see that that was not a right wing.

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