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But I did talk about it after I wanted to give you guys an update. This is left hand. Tim is a former quarterback how how does that affect or not affect his play? No. I think the things that does. It doesn't officiant affect you. Taking a snap. And you take a snap as a right hand of quarterback the ball hits your right hand. I mean, that's that's what it is you secure it with your left hand. I think the things that would be an issue for Ben would be handing off on plays running to the right 'cause you hand off with your left hand. And a lot of times back if he's excited who kind of clamp down on the football and take your hand with it at times. And I think the other aspect of it would be we know Ben makes a lot of place, you know, kind of moving outside the pocket or kind of fighting inside the pocket to extend plays. And so then ball security becomes an issue is you're in the pocket, and you want to see the ball with two hands you as guys swipe at the football. You know, having a broken index finger, obviously doesn't help you end up protecting the football. So I think that's the issue there. I want to hop back on Levy on Belfer second one hundred percent in. Already. Let us know wearing is on this. Percent. Then maybe on is basically given up a million dollars a week. He's he's on protect lady on his all in on being healthy. When he when he hits free agency. That is what he is all in make no mistake about it. You don't give up the money that he has given up to be all in on anything other than being healthy when you are due for a long term contract. That's what he's done. So. Whenever he comes in. He's going to need to come to secure six weeks. We'll now one thing's for sure if he wants the Pittsburgh Steelers to be part of that free agency at the end of this season. He better be all in I can speak that about that organization and everybody will be looking how this role for this. It's just hard to just cost himself money. Yeah. His future there. But you know, the long term and the long term. Yes, I guess you never know we continue to make our way towards today's four o'clock eastern trade sides date trade deadline about an hour and a half and change to go before. No player can be traded. Amidst rumors he may be on the move. It was tough sledding. Shawn McCoy running the ball last night against the New England Patriots the final tally at least in terms of rushing. Twelve carries thirteen yards. Here's shady on his frustrations. Just as close. He's an everything. Here too. Or put in or whatever put in my whole career. Saying for it to happen. Like this. You see the defense. Crying offers for not really. Well at all. Of stakes. These two hundred yards its gain. This never had. Well, if that will welcome in our bills reporter, Mike rodak, and Mike Leshan was clearly frustrated he was emotional after the loss that happens..

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