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First State Bank built unbelief member F D I c equal housing lender Claret Just about 7 47 700. W Well w Brian comes in here working on the o'clock news, I guess more trying to get more people eligible for the vaccine that we do. As of today, anyone 65 over now eligible to get their covert 19 shop in the state of Ohio. Problem is that appointment start any easier to come by. We've only covered about 25% of the people 70 79. Now we move down so that thousands of more people are eligible, and they'll be competing with those Over 70 try and get some of those appointments. The good news is that this is probably where they're going to pause. The age restrictions? Sure, so we'll hold it this position for a while and give the state a chance to catch up on. The governor says That would be much easier if these new vaccines come online. So I'm sure he'll have much more to say about that during his briefings this week, But the bottom line is about 9%. People in Ohio currently have been vaccinated with the least one shot. Just 9% only 9% of all right. We need some more vaccines only coming up our news. Eight o'clock we'll talk snow not just tonight into tomorrow but then again Wednesday Possibly Thursday, leading up to zero degrees. Temperatures by the weekend Great winners here more date. NewsRadio seven of Ow, Ow! Welcome to the Tri Health Medical minute. Mike McCollum. I guess this time out is gonna be a doctor Regime case, Dr. Cases, a cardiologists, and she's with the Tri Health Heart Institute. February's probably heart month mean a picture Valentine's Day in a big heart. So we're talking about hearts as a cardiologists. I mean, we know what you do for a living. Different types of problems with people's heart. When I think heart problems, I think heart disease, heart attack. What is there beyond those? Not that they're not big enough? Yeah, So those air probably our most common things, And as you said, the things that everyone kind of thinks about personal, former first and foremost, but, um, heart attacks heart disease, including the blockages in the arteries and everything but other very common things can be issues with the valves. Whether there Narrowed are tight and not opening well or a week. A lot. Um people can have irregular heart rhythms. Second, cause them to have palpitations or feel lightheaded and dizzy or potentially even pass out So lot of those kind of things we see very frequently to mention people can learn more. Visiting. Try health dot com slash heart try health dot com slash heart. Rocky boy me here. I.

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