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Thomas Massie is going to get his head handed to him and I that's I'm bummed out I hoping that he does not call from for a voice vote because he's just this stock and it's not going to change the way they're going to vote and it will delay things and that we should not delay and he'll just he'll just get his head handed to him please Thomas they're trying to trying to get in touch with him during the show and see if they'll do it don't do it but we'll see that boat is going to be happening here or is it is it already happened I'm on the mend central time now I'm thinking CERN nine o'clock eastern but it's almost nine o'clock it's almost ten o'clock now eastern time still you just check on that for me sure well do it do it don't do it I'm sorry I'm sorry I want to talk has come good in you in this particular arguments like look you know it's clearly unconstitutional right to to vote when I know I know it's not a it's not easy I know it's blatantly he's blatantly right on the issue right we all know that I mean it's a hundred yes that we should not Japanese two trillion dollars spending bills this way it seems to me to make out a lot of sense to try to figure out a way to let representatives vote remotely I know there's some questions about that in the constitutionality as well but seems like that should be investigated but like you know what I don't know I mean someone's gonna stand it's right in the constitution you can't you can't have both of the quorum my name at the rate I you don't look here's the thing here's the thing he'll just be destroyed and then we'll lose him in Congress and I I know I look I'm the principal guy I yelled the principle of this is wrong but there are so few people in Congress that are standing for the right things he is strong he's really smart he's when he's on top of all of the technology stuff he's right on so many issues I just hate to see him go he's facing a re election the the the Republicans will work against him because of this vote I mean it's just not a good it's just not a good thing I I hate to lose him I'd rather have in there fighting against the next bill then lose him on this one but yeah I know that he trump is not tweeting about him by the way saying no see it looks like a third rate grand Stander name Thomas Massie a congressman unfortunately from a truly great state Kentucky a lot of commas in here I'm sorry having issues with wants to vote against our new save our workers bill in Congress he just wants the publicity is not gonna be good for both the efforts of some that's the era with an argument he can't stop it only delayed which is true which is both dangerous and costly workers and small businesses need money now in order to survive I would say that's true as well virus wasn't their fault it is hell dealing with them we're dealing with the dams had to give up some stupid things in order to get the big picture done ninety percent great win back house but throw Massey out of the Republican Party when I was thirty thirty I mean this is already has all do it now what I will do it I guess this is probably trump's last sort of you know attempted to get him to to back down and not do this but I mean I don't think there's a question as to whether it it would actually be constitutionally allowed boom but with Matthew it like they're just not gonna be enough people voting there what they did I think we I can member who talked was wasn't Massey this week who who's talking about how yes what they say is they said that they have to get a certain amount of congressmen in the room to vote and what they basically do is if four people are there let's say I looks like two eighteen and then they vote that's how this works it's obviously completely wrong and totally against the constitution should happen on any issue we're talking about the largest spending bill in American history I don't know that the right thing to do is to just have this is a unanimous consent vote based on something that is obviously unconstitutional you know I don't.

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