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Brought brian comes in and he is like adam lee is going to be the gm and he said it in a way in this is like a twenty second conversation ten years ago but in my mind the way it happened was brian came back and he was like adam is going to be the gm let's have some fun and the idea was never to like paint him into these situations where he looked silly he just like kind of actually did that on his own but i don't think that was the idea from the start the idea from the start was to make him a legit authority figure who wasn't he'll and and run with that for a while and adam lee just turned into this sort of cartoon of himself you know to where a couple of weeks in you know he's he's backstage doing skits with with sina and mickie james and jbl about mama you wanna you know like he's when he was like he was easy to write for because you knew like no matter what he touched he'd find a way to make it kind of funny but in an unintentional way but he was just one of those things like okay like this is the way we're going and right off the bat i think bryant had different ideas for how to how to kind of script him and how to utilize him than than what vince did but it was it was one of those situations where it was like yeah doing what you wanna do but i'm going to kind of do it my own way and a lot of things happened in that manner where there was an edict and we got it done but we might have danced around a pointer to hear there to kind of make it what we knew the audience needed it to be while still maintaining his vision.

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