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Closed to firefighters suffered minor injuries earlier this week, but no homes have been lost on the seventy fifth anniversary of the d day invasion. Some say allied paratroopers or the real heroes of that fateful day. Well now komo's Corwin Hake reports. Seattle man has gone to France to recreate the heroic jump that landed scores of soldiers in the thick of the battle Terron Lind home served in the army in the nineteen eighties paratrooper with the eighty second airborne division when he learned there would be seventy fifth anniversary recreation of the airborne assault he jumped at the chance. Lucky two hundred that got to make this jump. He wore the same jumpsuit in nineteen forty four paratrooper would have worn and left from World War, Two era, forty-seven military transport on that day. Seventy five years ago. The original mission was to secure the area, a mile inland and take out as much enemy resistance as possible. Jumped in right behind the beaches, and fought their way, essentially back to the beaches, while descending from the air, they took intense fire from the ground. Ninety seven year old bird Chandler of Seattle took part in the brutal beach-landing. He calls the paratroopers the days real heroes. Coming. Infection indeed target. I would say. For Lindholm recreating. The jump was an emotional experience, part of that and shit unfold. The way that I did really wasn't overwhelming. Corwin hake. Komo news. A high school senior, drew cheers and loud applause for his speech yesterday at heritage high school in Vancouver, but he won't get to walk at his graduation ceremony Saturday because of what he said more from komo's Carleen John Charles Chandler was elected to speak at a school assembly yesterday. He had a pre approved script, but he went off that a bit finishing by telling underclassmen feel sorry, they have to go to school there, because administration doesn't care about them. After the speech, he told K two we felt like the assembly and having the microphone was the right place to bring it to light. He's not he has no regrets. Of course, the administration's not too happy. They called the comments inflammatory and inaccurate. They brought him in and offered the option of what they call restorative solutions, or to not walk graduation. He chose not to walk and his dad's supports him disappointed. He's not gonna get to walk a very proud that he is taking a stand now classmates are planning a walkout tomorrow to show. Support for Chandler. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Komo sports update in just a minute. Komo news time, eight thirty nine carpets cleaned, the way I get my cover that's with my friends at Zerorez. Not only do the deal, wonderful job, that great people volved into community owner, Anthony holes interested, the gang they're really class, one people. They are going to take care of your home and make sure that it's cleaned and the best way possible on it's not just carpet hardwood floors granite, countertops, upholstery air ducts and hardwood floors too. So go with the people I go with have for. Several years the other patented powered water system is good for you. Your children your pets, and it is going to get down deep into your carpet with the cleaning of there's the technology that gets all that stuff. That's deep down in the fibers out and that's that's bad for your bacteria left untreated pet issues left untreated that stuff multiplies, especially as warmer weather comes in these odors, you start to notice. Well, Zerorez can get them out. Call and.

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