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I'm Nikki medoro. These Cisco district attorney announced today that giants CEO. Larry Baer will not face. Criminal charges following an altercation with his wife in a cell phone video Larry Baer was captured trying to grab a cell phone from his wife. Pam Ambert fell from her chair during the scuffle air has taken a leave of absence from the team. Major league baseball is also investigating what happened and it could decide to punish fair, Ohio. Senator Sherrod Brown says President Trump should address GM layoffs at the Lordstown Ohio plant when he travels to the state tomorrow. Here's correspondent, Linda Kenyon. The Ohio democratic Senator says the closing of the plant is no surprise for the president. I've been talking to him about this plan for over a year. And while the president has been putting pressure on GM not to close the plant. Senator Brown says Trump's tax policies are partly to blame. If you shut down production and Lordstown you pay a twenty one percent tax rate. There you move to Mexico. You pay a ten and a half percent tax rate. The president gave these companies of fifty percents off coupon in their taxes. Trump tweeted, the GM should close a plant in China or Mexico. Uh-huh. And bring jobs home. Linda Kenyon, Washington. When FBI agents raided the home and office of Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen last April Cohen had been under investigation for several months. That information is a newly released documents that reveal special counsel. Robert Muller have been investigating Cohen since at least July of two thousand seventeen Cowan is now on his way to prison for various offenses, including illegally arranging the payment of hush money to two women who said they had affairs with Trump. And we'll check the roads with Heather next. Message and data rates may apply..

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