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And friends that it's not the federal government's responsibility to bail out cities counties or states that are made bad decisions in the past starting Friday you save the sales taxes you assemble your hurricane kit through June fourth item such as reusable ice packs flashlights fuel containers coolers batteries radios and tarps will be sales tax free generators under seven hundred fifty dollars are also included Florida retail federation CEO Scott Shelley hopes the seven day tax holiday can provide a boost for businesses and have the pandemic you're going to see again additional incentives from the retailers to encourage sales for disaster preparation you continue to see of course all the safe and smart shopping measures in terms of social distancing incentivizing hurricane season starts on Monday excitement is building around Wednesday's a SpaceX launch even president trump attend but can NASA awarded case of launch fever we want people to feel free to say no and not feel any pressure to to go on this launch NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine says there's no push to launch like the days leading up to the challenger shuttle disaster there's a sixty percent chance of good weather for lift off tomorrow afternoon there are no technical issues if there is a scrub NASA and SpaceX will try again on Saturday markets rocketing to sky were Dow Jones industrials gained more than two percent five hundred thirty points when the day at twenty four thousand nine ninety five the nasdaq up sixteen points S. and P. five hundred gained thirty six others update coming up at seven thirty at seven oh four more Glenn back after we check whether next time L. Lewis newsradio six ten W. Y. O. D. all has huge savings on once again watching an area of disturbed weather off the Atlantic coast of Florida the Atlantic tropical theater pretty active here even before the official start of the tropical season with downpour potential the next twenty four hours overnight we'll see a chance of showers and thunderstorms some could have heavy rain hello in the upper seventies a decent chance of storms on Wednesday a high of eighty seven with updates around the clock on South Florida so severe weather station on the weather channel's marks a bit when he's ready six ten W. why would be this report is sponsored by compassion international it's easier to change the world than you think sponsored child in extreme poverty with compassion international and you will change the world for that child just text the word child to eight three three nine three to sponsor right now kemet electronics corporation six have global MES manager in fort Lauderdale Florida responsible for the delivery of a management of key system software development projects with a focus on manufacturing execution systems requires up to thirty percent domestic and twenty percent international travel send resume to a Nelson kemet electronics corporation two eight three five kemet way Simpsonville South Carolina two nine six eight one again send resume to a Nelson kemet electronics corporation two eight three five came out way Simpsonville South Carolina two nine six eight one recreational vehicles are the safest and best way to enjoy the open road while practicing social distancing in your own germ free environment RV sales of Broward has a large selection of sales and rentals to meet every budget with financing as low as two hundred dollars per month safely get back on the road today with RV sales of Broward dot com personal strict CDC guideline two appointments available for more info visit RV sales of Broward dot com.

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