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President and his new chief of staff were seated in the oval office the swearing in had already taken place john kelly did not say anything as he takes over the job of keeping order in west wing famous for a lack of it but mr trump praised his short tenure as homeland security secretary with statistics showing illegal border crossings are way down what he's done in terms of homeland security is recordshattering you look at the border you look at the tremendous results we've ad and you look at the spirit by spirit the president explained himself is how they get tough approach on the border has not caused as much controversy as it might have bob costantini washington hundreds of american diplomats and employees he's in russia are packing their bags after president vladimir putin responded to new sanctions imposed by the us cbs's elizabeth palmer says two facilities are also involve the americans lose also access to a building that is storage space here in moscow and to the much loved very iffy and beautiful country compound that they have access to on moscow's outskirts the americans who leave must be out of russia by the end of august and the russians who work there will be out of work by the end of the week and exgenerals bid to secured former british prime minister tony blair for the iraq war is blocked by a british court former iraqi general abdolwahid shallow rabat had wanted to prosecute tony blair exforeign secretary jack straw an exattorney general logo smith alleging the former prime minister in particular who committed the crime of aggression by invader iraq in twenty three but the high court in britain says that while the concept exists on the international law it doesn't exist in domestic law right now the us and britain were part of the coalition against iraq following accusations that president saddam hussein held weapons of mass.

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