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His latest HBO documentary is all about Elizabeth homes and theranos it's called the inventor out for blood in Silicon Valley. And with me here in studio in New York is John Kerry Roo, he's Pulitzer prize winning investigative report, the Wall Street Journal and bestselling author of the book bad blood secrets and lies in Silicon Valley startup. I there was some pretty tremendous stuff captured in Guineas a documentary. Alex Gibney homes hired. The celebrated documentarian L Morris to direct a series of promotional videos for theranos in this particular clip of righty of patients are responding to the ease in supply of the company's blood testing device when draw on. That's it's a feeling Philip good. The same little thing. Can do exactly what the other vials, Dan. That's like life changing. That's from the documentary. The inventor by Alex Gibney, it's a couple of promotional videos directed by Earl Morris. I gotta say Alexey really used that stuff to good effect to get the feel of kind of the embrace the promise the the excitement the the hype that surrounded this company, you also had in your documentary interviews with journalists prominent journalists a kennel Etta, the New Yorkers sort of a leading media journalists for decades, a a gentleman who's experienced reporter for fortune magazine who wrote the cover story that essentially heralded her and cemented Elizabeth homes reputation. How had the press talked about the promise of theranos and talk a little bit about how much insight they actually had into how the company operated will. I think you know, Elizabeth homes represented a story. The lot of writers even grizzled experienced journalists like kennel and there's another important. Journalists named Roger par law. Who who I put Elizabeth on the cover fortune magazine, you know, there was a story..

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