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Welcome lynn torino talk. Oh three nine thrilled to be here. Thank you well. I am happy to have you. We connected on linked in. And i feel like i know you. We've had some conversations back and forth so i'm just so happy that you're on the show with today. I know i know that's a wonderful thing about link then is it can be such an incredible way to connect genuinely connected with people but you know so. Many people do it wrong. I mean let's like totally back. I won't say it wrong. I know what you mean. Because that's how i feel too. Yes i know. But we're going to just talk about you today. And i was so excited to talk with you because i am a leader and i love leadership and that's like your superpower right leadership and i just i'm looking at your your bile and you you know you help. People provide sales and leadership <hes>. To move faster to grow faster and achieve their goals and you were an executive in corporate. So tell me about yourself. What made you decide to start doing this on your own. Yeah so <hes>. I a little bit about myself. I began my professional current sales. And i believe that everyone should have sales training because sales is leadership. You learn everything you need to know to be an incredible leader through sales <hes>. So i'm really stand really firm believer in sales training for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're trying to sell yourself to get a new job or you're trying to sell your idea to for a process improvement. You know to your boss. I mean whatever it is or a solution to the board that you want to invest in for the organization so everyone is selling in fact heck we sell to our kids about what they're going to have for dinner at night or two hours significant other about what we're gonna watch on netflix. So you're selling or negotiating all the time and so about me. And how i got into this so i was sort of at a turning point. A number of things occurred at the same time in my life <hes>. so a startup. I had in the coo was failing <hes>. And my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. And so i had this moment and my daughter was going to be going becoming a senior in high school and outside my two nieces one was in graduate school and the other was an undergrad. So a sort of all these things. That are happening. This convergence and i took that moment after my two week. Pity party <hes>. To say what. Do i want to be doing moving. And you know what is going to really fill my life with passion and know be able to do something that matters. And that's when i decided to create <hes>. My business t to queen and spent a year working on the book putting everything together <hes>. We also spent the year with my husband's health condition. And you know really being becoming his advocate and being very aggressive his treatment so his original six months to one year diagnosis ended up three years. Delivered for three years and <hes>. So it was know really at some ways. It was a really difficult time but it was also a time for me to really refocus my energy and look forward. Wow thank you for sharing that story with me and my condolences about your husband but you know you were able to get more time with him so that that's what matters so just diving into that. You know you were a ceelo for a company and all these things started happening and it's nothing like having all hell to break at the same time to make you say okay. I gotta do something differently you know. Is it always seems like it happens that way. But i'm looking at like petit first solo petite to queen. I love that name. Tell me how you came up with that. I love it. Well you know. Because i wanted a name to represent that i don't care if you have purple hair. I don't care where you worship. I don't care you know what you love or whom is all about. You know you as an individual as a genuine person. And how do we celebrate all women and and of course all people but i especially wanted because of the three young amazing women in my life. I wanted to be there to help. Women move forward instead of you know coming to the equation out of college and all the training we get. We still have been so trained to be quiet to be polite and sit in the backseat and we have to learn. All new skills to be successful in the workplace

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