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Lies close to the plane of the milky way and at a distance of some fifty thousand or sixty thousand light years from its center. The diameter of the milky way as deduced from dr harlow shop lease work on globular star. Clusters is about three hundred thousand light years in extent or ten times greater than the limit set some years ago the apparent crowding together of the stars into dense clouds in the milky way is partly an effect due to our position in the milky way when we look at the heavens in a direction at right angles. To this plane we find comparatively few stars lying along our line of vision because the stars are actually fewer number in this direction. If we look along the plane of the milky way however we see to a greater distance through an enormous depth of stars how individual stars may not be much closer together in the milky way. Then they are outside of it there are on the whole more of them and the effect of greater density is produced. Father hagen at the vatican observatory who has for years made a study of the dark clouds of obscuring matter and dark nebula that abound in space has found evidence of the existence of many vast clouds of dark obscuring matter over the entire heavens above and below the plane of the milky way as well as surrounding the milky way in its own plane the existence of such cloud of non luminous matter what account partly for the comparative unis of stars in space outside of the plane of the milky way since many stars would be concealed from our is by these obscuring clouds. There is however in addition an actual crowding of all the visible stars toward this plane. The peoples of all ages have honored the milky way in story and legend. It has been universally referred to as the sky river and the pathway of souls in the galaxy longfellow thus describes the milky way torrent of light and river of.

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