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The latest news now with Amy king and the KFI newsroom Venezuelan government officials has, several explosions heard at a military event were. An attempted attack on President Nicolas Maduro the country's information minister says several drone like devices with. Explosives detonated near the president as Madero gave. A speech in Caracas this afternoon the president cut short the speech and hundreds of soldiers. Who had lined up in ranks scattered and started running the minister, says Maduro is. Safe and unharmed but seven people were injured a nineteen year old student at Cal State Northridge has been arrested. For an alleged sexual assault on campus Davis Marino Hina may. Was, arrested on campus yesterday he's a two thousand seventeen grad of Redlands high school. And played soccer at c. son he allegedly committed, multiple assaults from April, twenty seventeen through. Last month prime. Healthcare services and the company's owner, will be? Paying sixty five million dollars to settle federal government claims. Of massive Medicare fraud the US attorney's office has fourteen prime hospitals in California. Deliberately and systematically admitted patients who only needed lower cost outpatient care, and then also. Build the government for more expensive treatments than the patients actually needed hospitals involved are in the l. a. area. Orange County San Bernardino county San Diego and reading Judy, and MRs Garrett may soon be returning to TV Hollywood reporter says Sony Pictures is. In early discussions to reboot the facts of.

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