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Said nothing about this poor woman who looked like a create a wrestler standing in the ring waiting to get beat of zia's entrance. Now kicks ass with this mystical woman at the foot of the ramp staring at her Someone pointed this out every time. She doesn't entrance. She practices a different martial arts weapon to show how she's practiced everything i will say. She can't use a katana in a wrestling match. So i don't understand what relevancy being good with weapons is unless like every man. She can use kendo sticks. Zia gets in the ring. Kills the woman leaves. They don't say her name. Like i wrote down. Imagine jobber in your head. That's this woman. i feel. So bad for zia spooky friend at her and tells her no do more punches and then she does then she starts walking back and then the spooky lady's like even more punches and enzi. I just i don't. Where did the story come from. An x t is either on one end of the spectrum. Just two people want to fight. That's the story which is fine or they go in the exact other buck wild direction. Which is cameron grimes. As getting eaten by zombies like there's no inbetween for inex- t it's insane. Then we get a promo from casey catton's ro and kayden carter basically saying hey we're gonna win the stanley cup. They're probably not but that. I mean there are fun do oh. That's a good promo but no Then atlas swerve or fighting backstage for no fucking apparent reason because they don't like each other. I guess they're doing big punches. The old vic boy bronson read shows up it looks at swerve is like calm down and swerves like really you pick sides. And he's like. I'm a thick boy. Don't chest to me son okay. So it was all right then. Main event breeze zongo verses undisputed era. I love how resign go have changed since coming to an extent which is yes. They're still goofy. Yes there's that still that breeze zongo attitude but there's been a change in my opinion. There's been a change where they've got it. And i'm putting that in quotation marks but that it factor that. Oh yeah. I could see them holding a title. I could see them being a champion. I could see they really got it lately. They've become so much more serious but they can still do their goofy shit. I'm very excited. I honestly thought this should not have been a first round match. Like i understand the speed air. Probably going to go all the way so that way they can seek revenge on the good good british boys for what they've done but like i said. Msk should beat you be. I'm just saying if you eat doesn't win this whole tournament. I'm going to be mad. They didn't take this opportunity to really put over. Msk we start off with a match. That i honestly think could main event a takeover adam cole versus tyler breeze in those two guys put on a clinic and then they both tagged on in rowdy and go and they wrestled a match. Dangle gets early control. They maintain control throughout the entire commercial. Break coal tags himself. And that's the moment i said co vs brees is money like that is a money match it starts really popping off and as soon as it gets really excited and you want to see more wrestling..

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