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Front line for your family insured by NCUA it's one forty eight so traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks down in the situation in Maryland on southbound ninety five delays are back near thirty two trying to head toward to sixteen before two sixteen for now it is a single right lane they get you by the crash we still have the delays on one ninety seven in both directions laurel headed toward Kanteerava to a single lane gets by the resurfacing work northbound three oh one after Turkey hill road in White Plains it was the right side of the roadway getting by the crash also three fifty five near Jones Bridge Road north bound the left lane gets by the work southbound you're staying right to get by River Road at seven locks road watch for any response left there with the rack and southbound New Hampshire delays headed past the beltway the right lane gets by the work northbound on the Baltimore Washington parkway the delays back to two oh two headed towards for ten with a single lane getting by the cones and also a single lane getting by on north bound to ten but headed toward Fort Washington road and Palmer and living standards usually a single right that gets by that paving project looking at the trip to the beach eastbound fifty not terrible seeing a delay near white hall road actually it's after white hall road now so it's gotten a little better making your way to sandy point through the bay bridge toll plaza getting on to the bridge everything looks good both of your lines are open on the eastbound span of the bridge westbound has two lanes open they do have that left lane blocked for two way traffic prep in case they need it but for now it is two lanes getting across the bridge in each direction in Virginia on three ninety five south bound the delays were back near king street headed toward Duke street with the work in the left lane but within the delay near seminary road the crash takes the two left lanes Jimmy lives openness our first responders and essential workers to help insure their travel to work goes uninterrupted as we fight club in nineteen together to find a location and hours of operation visit jiffy lube DC dot com I'm Rita Kessler WTOP traffic TGIF we've earned it after a chilly and at times rainy week we've got the sunshine and we have the warm air and a southwest breeze today afternoon.

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