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Luck getting off the hook this warfare I'd like to know that I had no participation in I don't know if I was ever seen before in the past is eighteen degrees at WGN this morning west wind at four wind chill currently of twelve twenty five in west Chester twenty one university because the ones who coddle my sales and streetball checking in at twenty degree weather bug station in Antioch where Chicago both at fifteen at sixteen year filled the Glen Ellyn Glen Ellyn it feels like nine currently will wave in the upper levels the atmosphere gonna be moving from northwest to southeast and it could bring a little snow we're seeing some of that in southwestern Wisconsin right now more so over India I will see how close we get this little where you're moving to our southwestern counties flurries possible here this morning maybe even some snow showers can't rule out a dusting in some areas to look at the future all checked with all the computer models you just can't find any snow actually falling but it does show you the concertina break up later on this afternoon will clear out the skies tonight zero showing with northwest winds will continue to the overnight hours and then turning out of the southwest for tomorrow helping to warm temperatures near the seasonal averages and get even warmer on Sunday so floors possible here this morning then clouds decreases at his local high around thirty clear skies tonight a mainly clear anyway dropping down need to be team feeling like the upper single digits you get in your Saturday highs near forty in the mid fifties here on Sunday Sunday late evening hours chance a little bit of rainfall there and we do have some spotty rain potential here Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday but all these shots of rain actually potential is going down all across the board temperatures slightly warmer than average in the mid to upper forties across the board as forecasters are watching a fatal crash this morning that has southbound I. fifty seven completely shut down all traffic diverted off at one hundred and twenty seven you can then take western down won't be able to get back on to one hundred and.

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