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Painfully back. As if you just got the news if you seconds ago. And so this day Joe and I hold you close in our hearts. And send her our love. Former President Donald Trump visited with New York Police in New York firefighters in Manhattan marking the anniversary today. The former president criticized several of the day's speakers at the official memorials for neglecting to discuss the country's controversial exit from Afghanistan. This day is very interesting because they're trying to Just speeches without mentioning what happened over the last two weeks, and it's a very hard thing to do. And I think in certain ways they shouldn't be doing that. He also paid tribute with a video today, emphasizing the first responders who died. 344 firefighters and 71 law enforcement officers, the bravery of our police fire and first responders of every kind The job they did was truly unbelievable. We love them, and we thank them. Former President George W. Bush, commander in chief on September 11th 2000 and one spoke at the flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania. Today we remember your loss. We share your sorrow and we honor the men and women you have loved so long and so well. Passengers on flight, 93 fought with terrorists who had hijacked the plane and it crashed in a field. It's believed the hijackers were targeting the nation's capital, 40 people were killed. Bush praised the defiance and heroism of the passengers. The tragedy we remember today is personal for many local families. Blake Allison, a former stone, Um, resident, lost his wife, Anna, on American Airlines flight 11. He spoke with WBZ TV's Beth Germano. That's why would anybody want to kill my wife? Just seemed why it's the hunting question. Blake. Alison kept asking when his wife Anna, was killed aboard American Airlines flight 11 20 years ago. There are these people who wanted to kill Americans, and she just happened to be In the wrong place Two decades later, he says, the pain of that day has eased but not the heartbreak of his loss and questions. Why, in 20 years the five accused of plotting the attacks, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has still not been brought to trial at Guantanamo Bay. For 19 2 Boys from Bow, New Hampshire were killed in a car crash on 89 yesterday. The victims were brothers, The boat school superintendent has identified them as first grader Gavin let an 11th grader Nicholas, you let police say the driver Tom Elit is the district school resource officer. He was hospitalized with serious but non life threatening injuries. The car reportedly drifted into the breakdown lane and crashed into a tractor trailer. The cause is still being investigated. A new study from the CDC says people who aren't vaccinated for covid 19 are 11 times more likely to die from the virus. With that, and more new research Here's the Apes. MIKE, Russia, Three new studies conducted in the United States that were released Friday show Covid 19 vaccines remain highly effective against hospitalizations and death. Saturday for Disease Control and prevention says one study tracked over 600,000 Covid 19 cases in 13 states From April through mid July. It found the unvaccinated were 4.5 times more likely to get infected and 11 times more likely to die than people who were fully vaccinated. But protection against coronavirus infection dropped to 79% in June and July compared to 91% in the spring. Two other studies showed vaccine protection slippage for older adults. I might rossia clean up on the North shore today that's coming up. It's 4 20. The loop is five minutes of news from the number one news.

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