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And another day we're in the middle of the week who weeks away from the college football season. We say Hello to you and LSU seems to be dominating. The early part of this program will get right to it here in a moment with some more headlines by the way, the good thing. This is not this year. Hell issue has scheduled a home at home against Clemson, that is far well, pretty far in the future gala. She's not conference games coming up Texas next year and the year after UCLA Clemson, Oklahoma, Arizona say that is a scheduling by Joe alita. We know at oser on is really happy about that. I liked him. Listen, I hate to be the guy, the beach, a dead horse, but I'm officially sick. These neutral site game. We talked Gary stoke in. He runs the Atlanta game couple of weeks ago. He did not like that response. He was trying to tell me how great this year's game was pretty good game, actually Auburn in Washington. What about next year's game in Atlanta that is Duke in Alabama. That'd be a good basketball game right now. Really good. Speaking of the tide. AM set to sue the Alabama football coach. Like we're in the middle of judge Judy here. All the minutia that's fit to print. Film at eleven, everyone's looking for the next two, including Alabama by the way, but many people believe according to this report, he SPN the next two could be Georgia or Clemson. Trevor Lawrence is the one where maybe referring to Clemson, I was with Tom Logan barrel era. He thinks he may be the most one of the most impactful quarterbacks in the nation that he still has won the job yet from Kelly, Brian listening to Paul finebaum show podcast brought Dellinger joining us from SA gweat. Glad to have Ross on some major stories developing were Rosalind Ross. Thanks to the time. We put some your tweets on the board earlier. I mean, I, I one hand looks like the sky is falling down there, but is it really. Well, I know this guy's always falling down here. You know, no matter what a season after national championship in two thousand eight. This guy was falling so it it. It's never not falling things like, but you know, I, here's the thing call, you know, it was brought in Joe borough for this for this reason or one of the reasons with this, you know, they, they expected at least one of the two just MacMillan are low and our transfer in they were hoping that both of them wouldn't..

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