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Kennedy bridge coming at Jeffersonville this morning our next report in ten minutes bodiless newsradio eight forty WHAS. okay what meteorologists Mamelukes image with a look Thursday forecast to be mostly sunny less humid with highs near eighty forces shaping up to be a really nice day at Lowes dot at sixty two clear and home tonight hi little warmer tomorrow will jump to eighty eight degrees with partly cloudy sky okay just a few passing clouds as we start the weekend on Saturday with highs near eighty five looking dry in the eighties as well for Sunday at WLKY forecast I'm meteorologist novelist of it. eight sixty six at news radio eight forty WHAS our top story. Dorian taking aim at the Carolinas the wind and rain pelting Charleston ABC's Alex stone is there the streets of Charles Taylor empty windows boarded up sandbags in front of doors the gas lamps to define Charleston flickering away I found Rachel colleagues who are working around the clock at a local hospital out on a break in joining the empty streets having a little job. yeah takes away from the flat she says locals do expect Dorian to cause flooding problems here now they wait to see what Dorian has in store Alex stone ABC news Charleston and Dorian strengthening and back to a cap three storm it began breaking the southeastern seaboard early this morning tens of thousands are already without power Georges coastal islands are also at risk and those further up the coast in North Carolina are feeling the effects of the Bahamas the death toll is at least twenty the store moved across the islands is a powerful cat five storm Jerry Preston ABC news it's six oh two it news radio eight forty WHAS backing Kentucky Attorney General and gubernatorial candidates eighty Bashir proposing some pay raises for the Commonwealth teachers stop the bullying raise the pay calls for a two thousand across the board raise for Kentucky teachers it also prioritizes student loan forgiveness for teachers to stay in Kentucky the Attorney General was asked how he plans on paying for those races I tell you a couple easy things are gonna undue that'll start providing the money is we're going to undo the two hundred fifty thousand dollar raise this governor gave to one of his best friends as the head of IT here in Kentucky this year's plan would cost the state around eighty four million dollars per year he Lee Hanson news radio eight forty WHAS in other anti Bashir related news a Franklin circuit court judge has refused a request and governor Bevin to remove himself from overseeing a lawsuit over the state investigation of teacher.

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