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And there is no power eight eighteen he made an unfortunate decision but I have nothing derogatory to say towards MMA he's trying to do a very difficult job he says he had a gun for protection because of the power outage she taught first grade but it was her extra curricular activities that could send her to prison Jim Forsyth explain forty four year old former kings to deter cassia McCue and could get up to fifteen years in prison when she sentenced in October she admitted she raped several high school boys thank you it is pleaded guilty to second degree rape at John Marshall middle school teacher is recovering from cracked ribs and a concussion after hitting her head on a fire hydrant while trying to stop a brawl at the school the student body is fifth through eighth graders the Oklahoma City school district says the students were twelve and thirteen years old and will be disciplined according to the student code of conduct it's been a week since Nathan will force was convicted of killing Logan county sheriff's deputy David wait in the forces sentencing hearing enters its fifth day today the force killed waited April twenty seventeen is the deputy tried to serve an eviction notice the force has already been sentenced to a total of sixty seven years for armed robbery and stealing wage patrol car the force claims he was high on math and didn't mean to kill Wade prosecutors are seeking the death penalty former city councilman ed should need says he does not believe the Oklahoma City Council is working in good faith when it comes to the maps for package of project site meeting in small groups and hiding from the people things like the boat house foundation asking you for another three million dollars this year in keeping that from the people you're not allowing the people to fully understand the operational pressures that are coming from these you're you're not allowing the people to have informed consent he also believes Oklahoma City residents should be able to vote on individual project rather than the package as a whole the Oklahoma City Council voted yesterday to put the maps for pride checks on a December tenth special election ballot experts say the five hundred seventy two million dollar judgment issued Monday against consumer products giant Johnson Johnson good pay for a year's worth of statewide drug treatment efforts but the company has announced plans to appeal which could tie up the money for years Oklahoma's legal fight against the opioid industry has racked up settlements and judgments of nearly a billion dollars but concerns arising over how that money.

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