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On the completion to devante Smith. They're going to get alignment downfield. Oh that was a play action fake and Lyman was down the field. When that ball was thrown. And this place is gonna come back for Alabama. I'm afraid. Relatively penalty free game ineligible receiver downfield offense over seventy three. Five yard penalty. Repeat I down throwing a Williams. Great tackle hasn't had his best night tonight. Mike cannon is the referee. Big ten officials. Fifth Alabama penalty Clemson penalized. Only once no controversies comes through officiating a replay in the first half, very clean. Walk running one minute played third quarter. Pelly wipes out a big gain and a first down Alabama back at its own forty six. Shifts Damian Harris behind him into the pistol to him rolls to the right throws on the flat earth. Smith tight end weeding mid field avoided a tackles and is very close to a first down. Boy showed some good feet for six four to forty one is about a yard short of the first down at the Clemson forty. And as Trevor set at halftime, they gotta find a way to get Irv. Smith back in this ball game in the middle of the field. Alabama quickly, Don Sutton, down to one pack the past two in trouble off he was being sworn around by Christian Wilkins, the three time all American graduate student data Springfield, Massachusetts in a terrific student as well he won the Campbell trophy the academic Heisman. If you will in college football. I think he had Irv. Smith running down the same didn't get the football because Christian Wilkins was right in the face of Tunga by Loa trying to go down the field on that. Second. And one probably be a run here on third and short and then perhaps the wildcat with Josh Jacobs Field. It will be another wildcat. They ran that. A couple of times in the first half. Two tight ends to the right on the line single receivers left. And right Wildcats nappies running lab. Kennedy. Got it wasn't by much tackle near the far hash marks. Just inside the forty and I don't think he got it by where the balls being spotted by the official coming in from the far sideline. Jay davis. They linebacker made the tackle. Davis from.

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