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So you have a little bit of an accent, do speak French Spanish all of the above where what's going on here? Is you sound beautiful? When you I'm. I'm originally Lebanese. Okay. Born and raised in DC, and how many languages do. I went to a French school, my whole life and heads learn Spanish at school as well. Okay. So big, Arabic, Arabic English Spanish. She's speaks four languages just checking. Not perfectly. My mom would like, I don't know object. No back to the Messia, Laura. Nora mercy. Worst razors. Great. It's. I love it. It's just easy. And then I use a MAC Brown. Penn literally on my eyelid upper eyelid. And then I actually use it in the crease of mind, the circus take brush just brush over cool so eyeliner, but but I use it as a shadow in one pen in this would've makeup artist. Start talking to us about the silken spell that this U C U S sulks. I love that where you would have crease if you have here, but not everybody has a crease. So it's a much clearer way to describe that area of your face seperation, someone who might have a a hooded lid. They wanna sulk if they want us. Okay. So that's what Linda Evangelista said. I think fronts von Nour's called a banana the banana. Yeah. Yeah. On the show. No. Can we talk about your skin care? Hold on one more. Oh, yes. All right. What I love the westbound at today. Oh, I knew that that highlighter. Okay. On. Put it on. And I swear people think I'm like walking with the filter one in the round compact, lack one I think actually have it in my bag. I I will find out and put a link on the blog for everybody. We'll show it to you right now. Lovely. It's great oh in lip. Sorry. We I don't I use. Oh will lead to skin food Okay. I I don't quote based of that term. But like I just put a lot on actually while I'm doing my skin care and makeup and towards the end of the ten minute takes ten minutes to get ready from maybe seven eight minutes. It just becomes translucent and anything excess. I bought off with nex started making a lip balm version of the skin food at came out. I did not want to have to send you some as thank you for fat mascara, you we're gonna ask her about skin care. Yes. Skin care, so skin-care. So the PM my PM routine is like my main routine because I think that's when you really have to take care of your skin. So I always take my makeup off a us. The by Dermot mysolar water, then I use Vanna cream face wash which is super easy, really cheap. Nothing. Nothing special after I've taken my face off. I use a serum right now, I'm using the definition which has defenses and this your own stem cells to kind of help with your skin. In need to get on that too sensitive. This winter sides kind of laid off the rentals for just now. And then after I use the serum use the Henriksen ice cream. And then I either use the leader can food or if I'm feeling I use that pretty I know it's expensive. But I love it, which one artificial skin filler cream. Ooh off it. So good and. Yeah, that's it. And then in the morning I wash my face with water use vitamin c used the Lido, and then sunscreen, I like it four steps. That's it. We cute too. That's awesome. I want to be like you. So it was there anything we didn't ask you that. We should've asked DO. I think it's I think it's a home run. Guys are good. Thank you so much for answering our listeners questions and our questions by pleasure. Thanks so much for having me. Thank you. Thank you cue the music. It's time to raise raise it. Okay. I'm raising a one to a mess CARA. Oh, okay. Which just feels right to start off the New Year's or do that mascara a co I'm pretty sure I've never raised one to this. Because you know, how picky. I am about mascara. I know I think I have one that finally has trumped the blink tubing mascara made the switch. Okay. It's glossy. Okay. I'm sorry. Sorry because it's hyped. And I'd like, but I believe the hype is the lash lick one I think it's their only mascara, you know, me, I'm such a contrarian if everybody likes it. I don't wanna hear about it..

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