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Are apparently carjacking people in some West Side neighborhoods one woman reported her child was in the backseat a group of four armed teens tried to take her car and they allowed her to remove the child from the backseat they ran off when they couldn't start the standard transmission vehicle a dramatic take down of a suspect to Ohio state patrol troopers shot and killed a man holding a woman at gun point following a nearly twenty minute high speed chase that man identified as forty one year old Josh Roberts of Meadville Pennsylvania a woman driving the car was grazed in the shoulder and was treated the chase began after troopers determined it was a stolen vehicle eventually troopers put down stop sticks on Ohio seven in the car crashed followed by a fatal shooting of Roberts an alleged serial groper at Ohio State University is behind bars in Franklin County Lani Sturdivant arrested yesterday on campus for violating a ban imposed by issue officials he'd been barred from the school in twenty eighteen for allegedly groping another woman and this is apparently the second time he's accused of breaking the ban it got surveillance video reportedly showing him inside the eighteenth Avenue library just last month in Summit County more than a half a dozen people are facing human trafficking charges local police the sheriff's office and the Cuyahoga regional human trafficking task force all working together arrested seven suspects on charges ranging from soliciting prostitution to drug possession investigators say the victims were found through online ads for sex I sandy Collins always.

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