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Service. Dr. Shut down there do too! Serious fire authorities warning This could be a very lengthy closure now wjr whether first from the weather Channel, seeing some of flurries right now, snow flurries currently 18 degrees going to a high of 23 Today tonight mostly cloudy skies your low 13. Or Super Bowl weekend clouds on Saturday. A high of 22 4 Game day. A Sunday intervals of clouds and sunshine. Ah, hi of only 17 degrees. We get into the deep freeze that winter weather advisory now until seven. P. M this evening. I'm Dana Clark WJR news with Marie Osborne in two minutes, introducing touch free payments from PayPal a safe way for your customers to pay simply download the papal app and display your own unique You are code for your customers to scan Whether you're a market seller, poodle, pamper piano tuner or plumber signing up to accept touch free payments for your business is easy. Touch freak. You are code payments shop safe with PayPal. 1963, a machine coach Emerging Duffy Doherty helped break college football's color barrier by signing four highly touted wet You cruise, three of whom were denied an opportunity to play in their southern home states. Bubba Smith and Gene Washington, Texas and George Webster, South Carolina joined Clinton Jones from Cleveland as one of the best recruiting classes ever in 1967 ofour graduated as two time All Americans and rewrote the NFL record book being drafted in the first eight picks. This has been a Michigan sports legacy. Conservative black history moment. Hey, So what's a great way to spread awareness that driving highs illegal everywhere. Okay, Cheese song. Of course you can. You can you, can you Friendly reminder. Don't drive hot. If you feel different. You drive different Brought to you by Nitze and the Ad council. Detroit wakes up with Paul W. Smith on news talk 7 60 wjr. January Jobs report is out with unemployment dropping to 6.3%. It's right on.

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