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We keep hearing from the media. This misleading of the PFIZER COURT DOSSIER TO SPY ON CANDIDATES. Joe Nor worry no big deal. It was some low level guys. It wasn't institutional nothing needs to change. Now this isn't Horton. Why because the media loves gas lighting? Yeah cool nothing to worry about right. They love gas lighting. And they're doing it for a reason. Nothing is by coincidence folks. Nothing let's get to the words. I about twenty-one words matter and then why this is all coming out now this media guests letting that own wishes a few low level. Fbi guys it's not a coincidence. I promise I hear was the ruling by the actual Pfizer Court. Judge in what he said. So you have his actual words handy and to go from the John. Solomon piece quote and just twenty-one words Pfizer Judge Bob Oseberg provided the first judicial declaration that the FBI had in fact misled the court committed processors quote. There is thus little doubt that the government breached its duty of candidate the court with respect to those applications folks. This is already been ruled on that. Pfizer court was clearly misled by government. Investigators in an effort to spy on Donald Trump. I know you know that. But it's important. You have the words at your fingertips ready to go because I want you to believe that it was low level wide because the modern left that used to be used to be concerned with civil liberties has been largely. Not all this is important. I'll bring this up in a second with guards. This Wall Street Journal article largely but not all hijacked by police daters follow me here. I know this is. I don't want this to become. I've seen a reemergence of this narrative just in the last few months silly narrative the FBI spied on trump. They clearly misled the court. We know that because the dossier they use fake. But don't worry it was low level guys. We should keep the process. Why why is that? Narrative emerge despite the fact that the Pfizer judge debunked the whole narrator. He saying this isn't process of this is big because the left has been hijacked by people who love the weaponization of the intelligence community. They've seen the success of doing it with the trump collusion hoax. They want to keep this going everybody tracking me now. Why is this perfectly time? These narratives because by March fifteen a lot of these Pfizer and spying Patriot Act provision. Which I've been discussing on the show. Roving wiretaps business records. Provisions are up for Renewal. People like Mike Lee and Rand Paul and freedomworks and other organizations have been bravely fighting against us because the Pfizer court to total scam and a joke and should be thrown out completely but they're up against sadly some Rhino Republicans aren't real constitutionalists and a bunch of leftist Democrats. Who Care about civil liberties remember. Acl You want us. Who now. I don't know what the ACL's position vision this but some civil liberties they used to care about that no more. They are all in on the police state now and they. WanNa desperately make sure Joe that all of these provisions are renewed with almost no changes at all so the Democrats can do it again. All of this stuff is time. None of this coincidence. Look at this Wall Street Journal piece about these visor provisions and these Patriot Act provision up for renewal the editorial board so it's like a headline cleaning up the a mess. Now you may say the Democrats have the majority in the house. What is stopping them from putting a hold on any reforms and just realizing all these Pfizer Patriot. Act Stuff Joe. Well notice before I said not all of the Democrat. Party's been hijacked a lot of it ask but thankfully there are some honest. Progressives may not agree with them but at least a principal and Arado they stand for there are some progressives who are saying in the house. You know what I said. I wasn't into this government spying thing years ago when it was the Republicans on. I'm not into it now when we did it. Either nine shocker. Some of them still have principles. You don't believe me. Check out this snippet from the peace despite these revelations talking about the Bosbach resolution revelations that the Pfizer court was was abused by the DOJ and others house. Democrats initially planned the reauthorization of all this stuff. That contain negligible reforms her but a revolt by progressives against nearly any surveillance force the Democrat leaders to seek gop votes thus the chance for some modest reform. I'm not here celebrating. These radical far left. This would like nothing more than to see your tax money your health care and your education all fall into their hands so they can destroy it. I'm simply here to give you the facts. The facts are that some progressives thankfully have stuck to their guns on civil liberties and our saying this FIS aspiring thing in such a good thing and the Democrats are saying. We don't have enough votes to make this thing. Go through to keep our police. They dreams up and fresh fresh clean. Smell a nice like new linens bringing it needs some gop votes to and a lot of these Republicans. Say No. We're not reauthorized in this thing clean. You're gonNA fix some stuff. Some of the proposals eight agenda. I think a week defies a court just has to go. I'm sorry the whole Pfizer Court. I don't believe in any of this patriot. Act Nonsense. Get a warrant. If it's a foreigner who is not in in the United States. It doesn't matter anyway get rid of it. Get a warrant. It's not hard. But some of the provisions in the Attorney General Bill Bar or any future attorney. General has to be notified about future spying campaigns in cases that may involve a political candidate. All non. Folks. It doesn't matter you think if. Loretta Lynch was notified about this Eric holder would mattered. System FIS court joke but I don't want to sell them short it again. At least some progressives have stuck by their guns on them. Okay I want to get to this hidden votes piece of politico because it's important. I'm talking about it for a couple of days but it matters and I wanna tell you why this may be related to the Wuhan virus and some serious trouble ahead for the trump team. Not The scare. Anybody just stuff is happening. We need to know..

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