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Two two years. I was never made it to girl scout cookies. I just didn't care for it. Thank it wasn't my thing you don't want to be around other people too cool for that uh-huh okay all right so a lot of the things that that we enjoy today and I must say that she started all of those but she definitely brought a lot of them to the Chicago area for sure I was just thinking of that could there have been a YMCA MCA without a Jane. addams could there have been a boys and girls club without Jane. addams I I don't I don't think so or wouldn't be the same that it that. It is today Rhino where there are safe places for children to go after school. Yeah absolutely yeah that's big absolutely eh So some other things just a few more again. She had a big life even beyond whole house. She was president of the National Conference of charities and corrections from from nineteen o nine to nineteen fifteen the first woman to hold that title and became active in the women's suffrage movement as an officer in the National American Women Suffrage Association and Pro pro suffrage columnist. She was also among the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People the N. Double ACP. So what is the suffrage movement. Can you sum that up. Yup well the suffrage movement is all about women's right to vote okay. Next year is going to be the one hundred year anniversary of the passage of the EH twentieth amendment. So I'm super excited because like when you say like pro suffrage it sounds like it. Sounds like the pro people suffering. Yeah isn't just about women. Voting Rights all voting rights suffrage movement was specifically focused on. I know women I know a lot of it was like it's no we are women. We have a different perspective on the world and therefore we should vote right absolutely is that we were the we run the household. We raise the kids and so we should have have a voice in how those how things are governed. Yeah it makes a lot of sense. I don't know why people didn't see it before but yeah well that's the episode. Have some other podcast. We're not on. You gotta get to the ghosts people. We're not at the Gold Coast here. This is just we're just talking. There's there's so many things to talk about yet okay. Inspired by Tolstoy Jane. Jane addams was a devout pacifist. She was a huge She spoke out against world. War One And here's the thing about World War One that I learned wooller one was actually a lot more or like Vietnam than World War Two when it comes to whether or not people agreed. We should join we'll because they didn't attack America right. Once you attack America. That was our way of getting into plus which by the way. What was it yesterday or day? Before was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Harbor. Yeah yeah the six they think right yes so seven thirty sevens yes or the fifth or the sixth seven. Sorry sorry older people. Sorry but the idea though that you know it wasn't a universal thing because because we're one was so like well this treaty says that if they attack you we gotta go you know like it was just a different thing but anyways but people were upset with her it did ding her popularity for a little bit at the time but she for her really it was more. It wasn't about that war. She just hated alwar she just was someone that was like. No the only way that we can we can solve. These things is with talking. You know we don't need to go to war But basically it led to her being the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Nineteen thirty-one. Good okay so this last part is a little bit more personal and is a matter of debate among historians people. This some of it is I mean some of these things are facts is just how you interpret those facts. One one word of what you're going to say is debatable. Yes but important word so Jane addams was Romantically tied with only two partners. That's the word that's the where the romantically part so so again. We're just you know I. We are two thousand. Nineteen we're going we're going forward and will interpret this in baby away that they wouldn't have back them but she was Linked with Ellen Star who we remember was who she went with originally to London and all of that yes And then later Mary Rosette Smith which actually would have Would have not been a part of history if not related the gene atoms we we actually forgot all about Mary Smith and she was a major contributor if not the biggest contributor to whole house not was doing a lot of the work while Jane was going off in giving speeches. off-side yeah so. Mary Smith and Adams live their life basically kind of as if they were married right. Well they said they said how you interpret that again you know. They remained together until Mary died in eighteen. Thirty four Jane Colter Dearest One. It was said that Marietta Mary Smith became and always remained the highest and clearest note in the music that was Jane addams personal life. Aw oft very sweet Early in nineteen thirty four. Jane had a heart attack and Smith nurse sure at home neglecting. Her own illness So Smith succumbed to pneumonia. Yeah fell into a coma and died on February twenty second nineteen thirty four. Wow so she put herself she. She helped Jane to the detriment of herself. Yes so I thought it'd be appropriate to Read a poem that Jane addams wrote to Mary Smith. Okay okay because you know I like poetry all right. One day I came into whole house. No spirit whispered who was there and in the kindergarten room there sat upon a childish chair. A girl both tall and fair to see to look at her gives one a thrill but all I thought was would she be best fitted to lead club or drill. You see I had forgotten love and only thought of Hull House. Then that is the way with women folks when they a attempts things of men they grow intense and loved the thing which claims from them a smile or tear like mothers who work long and late to rear their children fittingly follow them only with their eyes and love them almost pityingly so I was blind and deaf those years to all all save one absorbing care and did not guess what now I know delivering love was sitting there. is very touching. Yeah I was written by Jane. addams J madams. Wow Yeah She died on May Twenty First Nineteen thirty five at the age of seventy four of cancer those like year after after. Yeah Yeah when she died she was the best known pub. Female public figure in the United States House and the Peace Movement are widely recognized as is the key tangible remnants pillars of her legacy December tenth as you mentioned is Jane Addams Day and celebrated in Chicago. There's a park located near Navy appeared Chicago named after her as well as an entire tollway. Jane addams Memorial Tollway. That was more recent. That was pretty recent. Isn't it the Ronald Reagan. And is that the Reagan one eight right it's eighty eight. Yeah I'm pretty sure Mondo Mondo or Chicago guy it. I'm getting to the point where I just tune it out when I hear it on the radio every morning driving a chain well it so work as it could to be like the same road but they call it different names and different sections and Chicago can be really confusing. I still I'm. I'm just that person that likes. Go by what I know. The numbers senators and fifty five. It's not the Eisenhower the to ninety even and I do the same thing with all of our trained Sir Chicago two. We have the red line. The orange line the green light will they used to be the Howard. Line the Ravens. Would I still think that way. I don't think that way I think of them as the red color. Yeah Yeah what do you think of Ogilvy. Do you think it's still. What was the mattress station? Northwestern North Western station. I've all I've switched toby. Yeah okay all right all right moving on Oh Jeez okay so we are finally onto the one of the biggest stories and the reason that people associate this with haunting yeah. It's a shame that we that we take all all of this greatness and people when you say whole house this is the story that they bring up Yup pretty much. So there's it's one more bit of history that we should talk talk about when we talk about whole house. And that's the devil baby ever obey the devil. The Devil Baby. Oh Yeah Oh all right. I don't have a song but I don't have a song either. Thanks for giving me time to think of this Dave obey ban. Just your URA era. So the devil baby legend was a local story that immigrants and deeply religious people especially Catholics wchs started to tell it was in nineteen thirteen and a Catholic woman married an atheist right. The man refused to have a picture of the Virgin Mary on his wall saying that he would rather have the devil in his house than a picture of the Virgin Mary that can be arranged. And there's there's very things people say that he ripped up the picture other people said he just was like Nah. I'm good. I don't want that. The baby was born with cloven. Hooves pointed ears in a tail. It spoke in profanity as soon as it was born. The baby comes out and it's like yeah so as soon as he was born he ran around the table shaking his finger at his father in some stories say that the baby snatched a cigar from his father's lips the fathers soon caught him and took him to whole house supposedly Jane Addams kept him in the attic and denied his existence to anyone that came to the house. Some stories say that Jean Adams Baptize the baby and other stories say that when they tried to baptize him he ran away as a baby. And it's a baby was never seen again and their stories about devil baby went to. Oh it was someplace in bridgeport really. I'm serious it's what it was. And he grew up and then later headed dance on in a ballroom and jumped out out of a win. Yes yeah crazy story. Yeah after five weeks of people talking about it. The newspaper finally did an article on it. They didn't take get serious until they just kept talking about it for five weeks. This story might have influenced the Italian bride story that we told an episode two of ghostly having having listened to that we reference devil baby. Yeah we do. And it's honestly one of our favorite episodes. I enjoy that one. It was the research was weird and yeah I'll l. after his corpse cheese. Yeah go check it out. That was you're you're you're saying. I will say though that Gene Adams and everyone wanted whole house refused the this claim that there was a devil baby but they received a lot of visitors over years. Oh yeah people. We'll just show up in phone calls. Yeah and demand like show me the devil baby. Yeah so there was a great article that was written in the Atlantic in October. Nineteen sixteen. Sixteen that we will link to our show notes all about the devil baby. So where do we stand on the devil baby do you. Are you a Believer Mondo. Oh I'd like to see the devil baby. I mean you know it's interesting. I would have been one of those people that knocked on their door. Show me the baby I heard. Yes so I mean seeing is believing course but but just hearing this. Do you think it's possible. Oh yes.

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