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Up to date when it comes to the mall kids immediately out of the gates as we do every fifteen minutes we've seen a mixed picture for Asian equities overnights after gains on Wall Street last night, the MCI Asia Pacific index a tad lower now down by about the tenth of one percent. We've seen this index sort of gyrate throughout the throughout the night. It was higher a little bit earlier looking at some of the individual indices in Asia. We're seeing some pessimism shining through in China with the three hundred down by two tenths of one percent, the kospi shots lower earlier by about six tenths of one percent of the Samsung's earnings Papp's disappointed and put some question marks around the South Korean economy. Also, looking at the Hang Seng index is little changed. We have seen some strength coming through in Japan as well as in Australia with seeing both Australian. What has Japanese shares rising than the Nikkei two five index higher earlier by eight tenths of one percent. Looking at the futures. We're seeing both the US and Europe pointing higher this morning. Your stocks fifty futures rising by about a quarter of a percentage point. We're seeing similar gain for both footsie as well as Dax futures futures higher by a little bit more than a tenth of one percent looking across rates and FX. We all seeing treasuries holding fairly steady this morning. The ten year yield pop softening somewhat with the ten year. Treasury yield now at two point six eight seven percent, the dollar gaining some bids here this morning with the Bloomberg dollar spot index rising by two tenths of one percent. We're seeing the euro, Liz Stein. Head down by third of one percent. The Japanese yen also down by almost two tenths of one percent. The dollar-yen rate at one eight spot Eighty-nine Yousef. Yeah. We've got some breaking lines hitting the Bloomberg German, November industrial output down one point nine percent month on month so contraction. Yeah. Estimate was for zero point three percent. So missing estimates sizably, and it comes off the back of driven factory orders, slipping as your area demand. Deteriorated the first key signals that happened yesterday. And now this latest German in December industrial output confirming. Some of those concerns down one point nine percent of looking here at the euro-dollar trade at the moment down three tenths of one percent market. Yeah. Definitely the the the data soft once more from Europe's largest economy now, let's delve deeper into our top stories this morning, and and it's been a day two in US, China trade talks with optimism coming from both sides. Bloomberg's Bryan Curtis reports. Now from Hong Kong, the Trump administration has expressed confidence it can reach a reasonable deal with China, but how do you define reasonable how much ground is China give on structural change to its economy? And what does the US given return at the moment? Markets are fairly tranquil as investors away. Details and for its side, China appears to be showing good faith. Traders say state-owned enterprises have been in market spying US made goods, no one expects a full resolution this week, but perhaps a few small steps of progress in Hong Kong, Bryan Curtis. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Let's have songs fourth quarter profit and sales missed estimates. That's in part, because of course, in the US China relations falling demand for memory chips. Lie analyst Bloomberg intelligence says Samsung is also facing slowly headset and long term growth reiver's like a in five gene won't help much for now this year.

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