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Having are the women don't then go back to their normal lives and never be heard from again as we've seen with one either. I mean, she's been around the public dialogue now for another twenty years showing up at his debate all of these well, with a few exceptions, most of these women stayed in the forefront. Monica Lewinsky dropped out for a while. Now she's back with a fervor. So I, you know if Mr. Kevin Hart is confirmed, I don't know that he can look forward to putting this all behind him, right? Because the society we has. Hauled and and women who've been through these kinds of experiences have platforms. They've got a forum it's more socially acceptable to talk about and they are political in in ways that they weren't before. Right Math communication, it's help that, yes. Yeah. So just a couple of points I wanted to wrap up here. I I mentioned Lanny Davis, and I did find the quote he gave to Howie Kurtz at the time about the story quotas journalism about reporting facts or not. Wherever we gone when an unsubstantiated allegation becomes a fact if others report it, it is not corroborated because her go from girlfriends, saw her with a swollen lip. That doesn't make the charge of rape a fact. So. I would think so. I I was just going to say before we were talking about how stars people never had evidence that Clinton at the time in ninety eight ninety nine was pressuring her to stay silent. But according to Roderick story Clinton did seem to make some pretty damning admission. She talks about this is again, I'm reading from your piece, right? Right. She recalled seeing him in one thousand nine hundred ninety one when she was summoned to another nursing home meeting in Little Rock and they encounter each other and she says Clinton, it was unreal. Clinton kept trying to hold my hand. I can still remember his words. He Clinton said, can you ever forgive me? I'm not the same man a used to be, and I told him, you just go to hell and I walked away. I was shaking. A pretty powerful encounter right there. So let me just ask you lows, you know, as you look at the reporting on the Cavanaugh allegations. In the context of the kind of reporting you did..

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