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Two different Stephen, right, but yes, Stephen Wright anymore. Eddie. Four hours. God I actually went and watched some of this after. Eddie played about four clips. Yeah. People think he's funny. Right. That's a right alive. Stephen, right. Not the one just. He's still alive, although he's not going to pitch for eighty games Voller on PD's. Yes. Hey, listen every advantage, right? HD age sixty three years old the real Steve Baker. Was some growth substance? Yes. A growth slows in human growth hormone road. That's how it was written. It was a growth substance. I and they Steven Wright, the comedian the comedian. He's HGH his Wikipedia photo. He's wearing a Boston Red Sox hat weird wild stuff. And the royals catcher Salvador Perez, Tommy, John surgery Wednesday. He will miss the entire upcoming season Lincoln Riley was talking about Charley Casserly going back to football. Because I forgot the play these here. He was not understanding. Why Casserly said what he said about Cuyler Murray? Always seem strange you go on a deal and see your sources number one. And then you're going to go on and talk like you're an expert about somebody that you've never met. And then he continues and says Casserly is wrong about this. If I was going to pick out a guy that complaining about their leadership. I would probably pick a guy that maybe has had a season without a championship in his career because this guy has every season with guys ever played. He's one so coming to the defense of his former guy, but you know, Charley Casserly in job. He's talking to people, and he gets paid by NFL network to give an opinion and to give and to give you the idea behind the scenes what's being said saying. Wasn't he advising the jets while he was still an NFL network? Yeah. I think so there's another one another conflict of interesting we were talking about yesterday, but he doesn't do games. And you know, what he actually worse, but he is actually a part of the NFL. And I think coach cowers a part of this group that tries to help teams find their next head coach. In other words, they are they have a group of committee together that is I guess advocating for certain coaches to get an opportunity really knocked it out of the park there. Charlie and Ron we'll look it happens. Not every coach is going to be great and tell you what it would help. If you have really good players. Sure does help that's part of the equation capitals. Beat the flyers five two three. Moved two points ahead of the islanders. Get Alex Ovechkin. His forty sixth goal of the season islanders. Visit Ottawa tonight radio dot com at seven hundred Rangers are in Detroit. Right. Christopher Gibson the islanders. They did. Okay. Robin over. Yeah. Exactly. All right. Thanks, jerry. Gotta.

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