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ABC news. News Radio six ten WTVN. Alison wyant. The Ohio attorney general's office announced today that several members of the same family have been arrested in the deaths of the road and family in pike county in two thousand sixteen when they committed these horrendous murders, they were clearly planned and executed very carefully. The Ohio attorney general Mike dewine announced the four members of the Wagner family of south Webster were taken into custody. This week. They include a forty seven year old, George Billy Wagner, the third and his wife Angela and their two children Twenty-seven-year-old, George Wagner, the fourth and twenty six year old Edward, Jake Wagner. Jake and one of the victims nineteen year old share a child together. Three children. Meanwhile, a three year old is six month old and a five day old baby. We're all left alive at the scene. The night of the shooting. Dewine says a custody battle may have played a key role. In the killings. But he also said to other people played a key part in the cover up and that the family got away with the murders for nearly three years to other people. We're also arrested today conjunction with the cover up of these crimes. Let me get emphasized. These two individuals were arrested in regard to the cover up of these crimes. Angeles mother, Rita nukem and Billy's mother Fredrika Wagner. The charges against these two suspects relate to their alleged actions to mislead or authorities in other news today. Amazon announced it will split its second headquarters between northern Virginia and New York City with Columbus missing the Mark for what the company needed regarding infrastructure and the tech workers needed. Columbus was among the final twenty four this massive project, and that is a very good feather in our cap when we go to talk about talk to other companies interesting interested in expanding especially tech companies because we proved that we could meet Amazon's very stringent guidelines and very deep guidelines for putting a project in the city's Doug Buchanan with Columbus business. First says, even though Columbus lost out on the thousands of jobs that Amazon was going to provide. It's still has a leg up on its competition. When it comes to other companies settling here in the future. I'm Alison Wyeth. ABC six first warning weather forecast in sixty seconds..

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