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The super pretty good. Its own for balls as you seen this video. That went viral of this bowls. The bowls is basically carpet bowling. I did see that that was at Perth. Yeah he goes. Oh yeah the number one. First Time I went to the rink. God this is with a mere Ed's very excited to be Mike one of the big Scottish curling ranks and I got there and it became immediately obvious that curling as like a fourth rate tenant in his facility in the balls else is the moon. Thanks Timmy cameras and some Weird Ass Bowl stadium. And it's very big there what What with Jonathan is referring during two is? There was a video that went viral last week. This guy making this insane in basically lawn bowling shots It's not not botchy lawn bowling. where the all based carpet carpet bowling were the rolling? Yeah the ball curled in between into for lack of better word guards in went right up against the whatever you know what they call the smaller ball in jacked or something in In lawn bowling to SCO to sit two points yet. I'm odds are if you're on twitter at all you you probably saw it. Yeah it's the way he hooked it around. And then it's almost like Sandra strong but kind of basically hooking it all away around to the tee line then taking taking a ninety return attuned to stones over the Pan because ballsy can move the pin move the pin the exact right distance so he sitting two and cutting the other other guy out so it was awesome. I charter did not know that was in Perth. I don't know that exemption was in Perth. But it doer center. There has a big bowl thing. I'm sure I'll get a text message from one of our Scottish sources correcting me about I my geography and second understanding understanding of balls but anyway Let's go to Switzerland. Yeah all right back to the Alps the Swiss championships. This year is highly populated with teams. That have gone to a lot of tour events and for the most part are either a junior team or are in the top one hundred in order of Merit How does this work in Switzerland? Or they're a bunch of teams that received funding. Or is this all on your own house. It kind of. How does their program to work? I think it's on your own. I don't I didn't really get much detail. We play them. Martin Rio says team at the mix world mixed in kind of ask them did about how mixed work and there was. It's like just he said well sixteen teams qualify for the national and then it's a tournament so there is certainly isn't funding. I imagine the elite teams get funding. But I think it's more on the Canadian model where the funding's allocated based on performance on tour and kind of at the at the events and they've they've got a kind of slightly different format words around Robin and then another mini round robin with the top two or three. It's like it's the top three or four depending on how many are in their in Bazeley. Basically if a team wins all of its games in both Brown Robinson there is no playoff. Yeah basically how it works but Yeah they do they do a round robin and then they cut it down to I think for three or four in the play again in then either the top and then the top two depending on how they've done against each other either the second place team has has to be the first place team twice or there's only one championship game yet or there are no champ or there is no playoff depending on how the two round Robins Yep Interesting in Switzerland where so they're they're Europeans. Representative was based entirely early on order of merit points and Yangzhou Waller Did well enough on tour especially early in the year that he edged out The world's the world the world's representative Peter Two cruises team So Yanni Schwalier went to euros finished second losing to Nicholas at Dean in the final final sets up kind of a somewhat similar situation to the US Nationals were you have two very very good teams similar to the US women's side where you have two very very good teams and then a little bit of a drop and then kind of a bunch of teams that are that are very very similar Last year it was Schwaller into cruise to decide who went to worlds. I imagine it will be the same way. But they have I think the other six teams out of the eight that are in the top one hundred. So a lot of depth there in Switzerland I still think it's a little top heavy. I'd be stunned. If the final involved a team that was not to cruiser Schwalier. Yeah I agree with that. Especially that format I think gives definitely favors the str- basically the more reps you have eventually the quality is GonNa come out so the the second round Ragas the Kinda championship round if you will. I think is a pretty good advantage for swallow and short end into crews I think the women's size way more interesting because you got like you can go five deep with the world champions. They're right. You have very very similar storylines on both the women's side and the men's side you had two teams that brought in a player who had been skipping their own team to form basically a super team that their goal was not to win the Swiss Swiss championships their goal is to win the world championships. Their goal was to at the end of four years to win a Olympic gold medal. And those the decrees team bringing the hell and tearing zony bringing in Alina Pats to throw fourth rocks in those two teams who are very veteran. Teams seems very used to winning now all of a sudden have two younger teams who are really close to you surfing them. So schwalier team beat them out in points win. Two Euros currently is actually ahead in order of Merit Still against a cruise team and then on the women's side the Elena Stern team especially this season has really been on the rise. And you look at what they've done they. They won the Swiss Cup which is basically a basically kind of a triple knock style tournament that they do with just Swiss teams in a lot of the lot of the birds for for this championship or decided there. They wanted They came over to candidate candidate win. The candidate ends They've qualified for they qualified for all four slams They didn't have a ton of luck. Look at those That those slams they did make quarterfinals at the national and the masters so you have these two younger teams who are right there Since these two teams that that put themselves together thinking that they were GonNa be the Swiss team in really were contenders here's for Olympic gold medal. And now they've got off these younger teams for the next three years. Yeah and then I think again is the danger dangerous veteran world champion team foul Scher. WHO's hasn't been slamming but still top thirty the tier here too but and semifinals? Glynn hell ladies. So that's a team that I think has done everything in so they can certainly turn it on on When it matters and so they're they're pretty dangerous team even for expecting it to come out of those top two that felker teams got to world championships in the last decade? So they're not going to be pushover team either. Five of the seven teams at On the women's side For the Switzer in the top. Seventy seven team turns team Stern Team Belcher. Irene Schori's his team Her laments team a team. I had not heard of in his in fact. Seventy seventh in order of merit is a Norwegian And then there's as a junior team skipped by IMA suitor that rounds out the women's field in Switzerland This'll be February ninth through sixteenth in Thune Switzerland. In my saying that right okay. I don't think in this. This will part this will be a live streamed on the Swiss curling YouTube channel. What will be interesting to see when you're going through and looking at matchups To try and side whether games worth watching or not they won't list teams by WHO THE SKIP is. They will list the teams by their team. Team name in the team name is usually based off of either where they're from or who their sponsor is When you're looking at that Uh Schwalier steam is team burn Zaehringer Do cruises team They are team Geneva. Yon His team is K.. Blacks in then on the women's side tyranny is era. HP L. Stearns team is over. Wallace filchers team is Langenthal. So if you see those it kind of listed when their show when they're saying which games are GONNA be streamed he'll look for those in those your your big name teams if you're looking to watch them at the at the Swiss championship and that's a good segue because another country that does that is Japan. Yes in in a Lotta again. It's based on their team. Names are kind of based off of either where they're from or who their sponsor is Again like we said the men's side they this This will not be for a world birth which is too bad because they've got three teams in the top fifty order of Merit in. It's really it's really too bad because is on the men's side in Japan. Women's curling has been very well supported in the men's side. Kind of kind kind of wasn't mainly because The Japanese women have had a lot of success on tour in a lot of success at world's And it's just been a lot more popular than the men's ends game. There was a story that was tweeted. I saw it and I'll try to find it in tweeted out again That was kind of about how the men's game has finally started wanted to kind of catch up in terms of popularity like There were talking about Tournaments earlier this year. I think it was the Hokkaido Bank championship where it used to be. The women's final would be first in the stands would be packed. Everyone would be super into it and then the women's game would end in. Everyone would leave. Leave everything would be empty for for the men's final and they were saying that that recently at one of the big tournaments People stuck around in the the stands. Were still oh pack for the men's tournament so it's too bad that as that's happening as the men's game is getting more popular in Japan that you know this isn't for this isn't for a spot at worlds but the winner of this tournament will be representing Japan at next year's PAC sees where they will be playing for a spot at the twenty twenty one world's The other the other big thing is this is the first year that world's points count for Getting to the Olympics. That's why it's even more important that Japan did not qualify. This sure. Yeah so that's yeah it's it's interesting it's going from fourth and not even the world's my my hunch is. WCHS GONNA have to to take a long hard look at the end of their squad at the size of the world field They may have to go to kind of basically yeah prior format because the world is getting that deep and just kind of have sixteen teams enter Maybe to maybe do promotion relegation allegation and relegation to some kind of world beef the next twenty four down. Say or something. But it's is this kind of gathering to To that you've got a team to finish four for last year in candy even get the country can't even get back to the wolves this year. So part of it was just had a bad week. I watched that team. You Watch that team the couple of games that they got to play at the world qualifier. That were streams and they're they're rock positioning was just often they that they finished finished third in the round-robin selling only only had one crack at qualifying for worlds. So the team wanted team to play each other In the China beat Russia so then Russia play Japan for the last spot in that game. you'd has wrought Yuda and his team eighteen like their rock positioning was just off in. They got zero misses out of Russia. And that's kind of Russia was able to kind of control it throughout To to win that games ames they were they. Were just a little off. I don't know if part of it was the travel or or what the travel didn't seem to affect The Chinese Sienese team but Yeah just didn't have their best week in. They picked a bad week to not have their best week So you team The defending champion. They are in this tournament Their Third Tetsuya Shimizu used to play with a use came Sumi. who was the previous Olympic? Skip for team Japan in win. More Izumi's the depth in men's curling in Japan and has kind of started to match the depth in women's curling in the reason for that is more Zuma's team broke up right before last season. So that that team breaks up goes to This team with you to Matsumura Use came resume. Takes your off comes comes back. This year starts a new team with his brother playing lead. His brother played with him at the Olympics. They bring in Masaki way who played with Galway at previous tournaments In the other player for that team Yoshie Yamaguchi Starts his own team. After spending a year kind of focusing on a mixed doubles so that team breaking up has spawned three very solid men's teams in Japan Team Matsumura team Yamaguchi. And you skate. More Zuma's a new team Another team that will be there. That's very solid. Is June pay Kanda. He was the runner up last year. out of Tokyo after that there's a pretty steep steep drop off in terms of quality. What is interesting is they? They changed the way that this tournament is populated this year so it used to be the previous year's champion. The previous year's runner-up Three bids for the kaido block in one one bid each for a Condo to Hokuto and west Japan which initially Nippon So. They've changed that up now. All the blocks the only get one team into the field in. Then you have the champion. The runner up WCTC points the top team in the W C T in points and then a wild card. There's GonNa be a mini wildcard tournament with all of the teams that finished second at all of the block. Tournaments are going to be playing for one wildcard spot in in this tournament. So we'll find that. That team won't be decided until the day before this tournament kicks off so it'll be four four teams fighting for a wildcard spot five teams fighting for five this.

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