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Super charger that accelerates so fast it'll suck the air out of your lungs and knock you back in your seat like you're an astronaut in a rocket ship hurtling through the stratosphere but then again we're not most people we're the brotherhood of muscle dodge domestic not domesticated dodge is a registered trademark of fca us llc this is the nba on espn radio and on the espn insider barbara solve razor studios everyone forgets when everyone gave up on the indiana pacers after trading paul george they did get victor oladipo in return his head coaches nate mcmillan really no happy to have is a twoway guy he not only does he i'll give it a try to give it to you on the office film floor he tries to give it to you on the defense vega floor and he has become one of our leaders on the team any as exploded this year he's had himself a solid game one day twenty one point five boards three assists three steals and a block in the pacers continue to roll in cleveland by sixteen in the third back to cleveland quicken loans arena with brad sellers had a kennedy animated money a lot of the times this year on the defensive before they have held cleveland one of the better off teams in the league to well below its season averages it's been a very impressive performance yet but so far near three quarters david sparkling after we haven't talked about it during the break adam the pacers comply with the pacers wanna do not overly quick very physical resent one of a very eastern conference late eighties ninety style game there is a bonus for indiana up by sixteen points finds all the depot on the is a bonus let box diving save.

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