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Wcbs now the wcbs forecast here's meteorologist bill deger the rest of our saturday will be cloudy cooler dreary one will see a shower thunderstorm at times with temperatures going up to seventy three for a high today tonight a shower heavy thunderstorm to start as a warm front moves through then cloudy and muggy overnight lows sixty eight a mix of clouds and sun warmer and humid tomorrow high eighty seven spotty shower thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening head of a cold front behind that front sunny breezy less humid monday high eighty one i'm meteorologist bill deger in the wcbs weather center sixty three degrees cloudy in central park sixty two in stamford sixty three in this concert wcbs news time eleven forty i'm peter greenburg and this is today's worldwide travel minute we've all heard horror stories about entire sees of discarded plastic floating in the ocean and recently a whale died after ingesting eighty plastic bags but it's not just large pieces of plastic thrown into the water it's smaller pieces like you cigarette lighters and plastic straws and we're talking about millions of straws that ended up in waterways in fact the ocean conservancy now estimates that eight million metric tons of plastics enter the oceans each year now the travel industry is starting to wake up many hotels have stopped serving straws when guests order drinks cruise lines are stepping up as well royal caribbean has announced that it's fifty ships will be free of plastic straws by next year followed by no more plastic coffee stirrers it's also the last straw for the folks at seaworld they've now removed all single use plastic drinking straws and shopping bags from its parks so the next time you order a drink try to remember the reasons why you don't really need a straw for wcbs eight eighty i'm peter greenburg what does your morning sound like she's finally asleep.

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