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Close. I missed a lot of adversity and if we can continue to refine and improve what we do. Why can't we take this with us. Grow learn and be back with even more resolved more of an understanding of what it takes to win. So that's definitely The the silver lining is what what we can take from this. What can we add to our toolbox said to our collective kind of mentality and culture. And i think we all feel heartbroken. That were not so playing. But at the time we have a lot of positivity around what's capable here what what. This group is able to accomplish and in all the path towards it is exciting. It's not a daunting govern years. Fired up to get back to work and try to build this thing back up and and even stronger all right. So let's spin this forward. Stephen jackson should be favorites to win it all next year. No matter what happens the rest of the playoffs this season. Yeah i think so. I mean we all know. That interest played a big part in this season this year. And angie plays a big part in in in the nba season period with a lot of different teams. But this team We know how it would have been if they were held the When we seen them play together awfully awfully stars play together. They will definitely a dangerous team and You can't count them out just because the way they seize the ended in when how and how everybody was hurt this you guys missing game so i was still. I was still have them as a as a team that this leading to win a championship next year. Because they still have. These stars is a possibility that can be healthy all year. It's a lot adjustments to make. And i think the coach coaching staff who knows that they have to do a better job as well. I'm glad you on the coaching staff. And i and i'll get to that. Listen we'll the net. Be one of the best teams in basketball. Of course they will be again. They've got kevin durant. Kevin durant plus almost any supporting cast is going to be in the upper echelon kevin durant plus kyrie irving james harden is going to be one of the best teams basketball but wild. I tried to be gentle yesterday. I tried not to do the you know somebody told you heard but no not with you. Gentlemen i wasn't with you. Your seventy four and eight tape was so beyond the pale stupid. I had to take off the gentleness and be honest. Bud we are going to rinse and repeat the exact same thing with the nets for next year. Then i'm gonna lose my mind court. They win the title. Of course they could win the title but there are some major structural changes that will need to be made and they also need to recognize that their biggest weakness other than health which by the way well not all of a sudden change. I'm not saying stephen is saying it will. But kyrie irving is the only guy they were missing for the second half of the buck series when they went from zero to losing the series and kyrie irving missed the end of the playoffs in two thousand fifteen missed. The playoffs in twenty eighteen missed the playoffs in twenty twenty and got hurt in the playoffs in twenty twenty one so and prior to two thousand fifteen never made the playoffs so him being healthy throughout the whole year is more of the outlier than him getting hurt unfortunately but their biggest weakness other than health wilds was can they deal with a true big man and they could have won the title this year without having to do that if they could have gotten through the one big man they dealt with an jaanus embiid knocked out yokich knocked out. Anthony davis knocked out. That's not going to be the case you wouldn't think again next season and yon is. I would imagine we'll be even better because he won't be like the devil on his shoulder saying you've got to prove to them. You can shoot like he was throughout this net series if he is the minted finals. Mvp by playing his own game and none of that addresses. What stephen set the beginning which is right now. There are poorly coach team. Now just like players can grow from your one or two coaches can grow from year one or two but they are not a well coached team and that's not even a mention blake griffin. Might not be back. Jeff greene might not be back. Bruce brown might not be back. That's three of the six guys they were actually playing this postseason so i think there are major questions next year just like there were this year for the net to. I think you have going. What was it seventy five and seven being the greatest team of all time. I can't quite remember what it was. Yesterday i blacked out from the stupidity of seventy four. Seventy four seventy so. So about so sean. Mark has worked to do right. I think if they knew that they needed to upgrade their that. Andre jordan wasn't giving them everything they needed stack and that's why they went and got lamarcus. Aldridge now lamarcus unfortunately couldn't play what i feel like. That's something sean marks try to address interior defense and rebounding so. I don't know who they target whether they go out. And get a big star or try to find some sort of like hidden gem out there like the next with airlines so the question about the seventy four and eight thing is this. They'll be favored in every single game. Now you can tell me. It's wise for them to try to go for a record. But i feel like they need something they need to go after something because we are just like well it's championship or bust. It's a long road now. I don't know where where you stand on a stack for me. It's like well if you're going to play the games you might as well win. And if they're going to be favored in every single game and they've gone through a year of adversity so they're better. They've gone through a year chemistry. They feel more gelled. And katie has taken his game to another level hard notably back. he'll take his game to another level. Kyri who look was basically healthy is shoulders now seems to be fixed and his injury in the playoffs was just a freak thing. I don't think we can tag that to sort of his history of injuries. I just want to hear a reason why they couldn't challenge the warriors in the ninety six bulls for being one of the best regular seasons of all time. It definitely can happen while no question about that. You spot on. But you know i think even with you guys saying that Dj join can get it done. I think he could've. I think for what they needed from him to be a little bit and rebounding lives. He could have done that I think the coaches staff Loss confidence in him and not even without even consulting the players you know. He's great friends with all those guys in that play. Not playing guy who the players are cool with. That's been on the team that started the season with guys. It can kill them around and i know dj. He went from standing up clapper to sit there and wonder why he wasn't playing and a lot of basketball players around around the world asking the same question. Why z plan. But this team you know. They went through a lot this year. But you look coach. Mike d'antoni wasn't good at making adjustments. So so steve has has only look his coaching staff and see can he rely on them to help them. Make in game adjustments doing the season but as far as the roster they need to bring jabbering bag we gotta start calling guys like joe harris knockdown shooter that guys that can make shots in season but can make them in the playoffs. So like you said. They got a lot of stuff that they need to fix. Arlington the reach. That goal.

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