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Cloudy and human with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm at a high of 66° are full 5 day accurate, the forecast coming up at 9 15. Our top local story on news radio wbm the Chicago police officer who was fatally shot yesterday morning as she headed home after her shift is being described as a beautiful soul who always saw the best in people. Hardy reports. Ariana Preston's father says she was trying to make a change on this earth and wanted to show kids policing can make a difference in the community. The sometimes spoke to the father of the 24 year old officer who was found with a gunshot wound near 81st in Blackstone just before one 45 a.m.. The paper cites law enforcement sources in reporting Preston's gun was taken during what police believe was a holdup related to another robbery in the area. A fellow officer found her after shot spotter, registered 9 gunshots nearby. Nancy hardy, one O 5 9, wbm. State police have released the identities of more of those who were killed last week in a massive pileup on I 55 south of Springfield after strong winds whipped up dirt from farm fields. The latest to be identified are 73 year old Joseph Bates and his 71 year old wife Donna from crystal Lake, 64 year old Earl legrand from fluorescent Missouri, 55 year old Michael zen chuck and his 54 year old wife Amy from champagne, police previously released the identity of 88 year old Shirley Harper from Franklin, Wisconsin, a total of 7 people were killed one remains unidentified. State police say a total of 72 cars were involved, 37 people were hospitalized. Mike krauser, one O 5 9 wbm Chicago police are saying three people were shot and Hyde Park early this morning, the men joined a crowd outside of business around two 30 near 53rd street and south Lake Park Avenue when someone started shooting at the group. One victim was hit in the abdomen and reported in critical condition, a 27 year old man was hit in the arm and reported in good condition a third victim was hit in the abdomen, but is in good condition. Please say a black Dodge charger was seen driving fast away from the scene around the time of the shooting and investigation is underway. One woman is dead and another person is injured after a crash in a church parking lot in Chicago's four is Glen neighborhood. The crash happened in the 5100 block of west of on avenue around 7 15 p.m. on a 61 year old woman was instructing a 61 year old man on how to drive a Toyota sedan minivan. They were in the rear of the church parking lot when he pressed the accelerator in reverse instead of the break, the 61 year old woman was struck and dragged under the vehicle. She was transported to Saint Francis hospital where she was pronounced dead. A second victim was in the back seat of the vehicle with the door open and fell out. The victim was transported to Saint Francis in good condition with non life threatening injuries, the driver was cited for not having a driver's license. A reminder when you want to listen to WB M on your phone download the free Odyssey app, click the word follow for easy access or when you're home, just ask your

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