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Hansen and for Bob Surat Entered a couple times, Bob and Marianne dealing with a family emergency here today, So I'll be with you for the next hour, Taking the right up to John Williams down. Normally, Dean Richards comes on. We talk Entertainment News is that is his area of Forte. But He is like a modern day Benjamin Franklin with new inventions and things and Dean, you You have solved the problem of the mask wearing foggy glasses. Congrats, you would think, but On social media. I'm apparently a pariah. Oh, no. Well, we knew that before this post that guy, that guy with the horns of the shirtless guy with the horns. Apparently it's going to come and take me over. You would think I'd put Was given a tip from a friend of mine on how to keep your glasses from fogging up, right? Which is super simple. When you take the mask you you just instead of just putting the strings of the elastic strings. Over years. You give them a twist first, so the mass goes closer to your mouth, but it opens up some, You know, little error. Yeah, pockets on the side. Should distribute the air. Not directly up to your last, So the hot air that you're expelling is not going up over your glasses. It's you know, some of it is going off to the sides. It's not like you're spit is Coming out of the sides. It's the hot air that's escaping. You would've think thought that I put on the most controversial thing. On the Internet. All of the people who were at the insurrection on Wednesday apparently follow me on Facebook because they're commenting that masks don't work, and I don't wear a mask and I also I had Dr Kevin most on my show yesterday as I do every Sunday morning, and I asked him about this, and he said, Yeah, it's it's safe. Perfectly safe because the mask is actually a little bit tighter around your mouth, eh? So you're not expelling droplets of anything? When it lets the hot air out. Besides, apparently, I have the most genius scientists also following me, who know more than most doctor most, apparently apparently, they could also be chief medical officer's Central DuPage Hospital. While they have zero friends. They're clearly you know these these Internet scabs who are on their clearly people who are just on here to create controversy. And you know if the point was to rile me up, it worked. I'm just trying to help people not have foggy glasses. You know You don't want to do it. Don't do it. You want to fucking glasses? Foggy glasses. It's and I'm just trying to give you a little tip. David and I like the post, So we were we did favor. Yeah, I'm telling you that the good word. It works. It works and Dr Most says it's safe and I'm going with that. That's good enough for me for sure. Sex in the city coming back. Yes, Yes, it is. It's been. It's been rumored for a while. But now it is confirmed that the sex and the city will be coming back on HBO Max this time. Going to be 10 half hour episodes with Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. Samantha Carrie, Let me see if I can remember all my characters that we went through this two weeks ago Team. I thought you would have studied up. Carrie. Miranda. Yeah, I can't remember the last one. I've never seen an episode ever seen. A minute of the shooter wasn't my thing. Carrie Miranda. Look scholar Trixie. That's just Charlie Charlie. Okay? Yeah. Okay. Sure. All right way We run a tight ship here, man and the one name that is not on that list. This Kim Cottrell, Samantha. She has been more than vocal, saying that she's done with sex and the city. She wants no part of it, so she's not going to be on the show. Whether or not they're going to write the character out in some way, or recast it somebody else in there. I find that would would be hard to believe if they Would do that We don't know yet. But the search Jessica Parker said that she was thinking about it and thought it would be interesting to know what these characters are now doing. Now that they're all members of AARP, you know I am. I love reboots. I think they're fine. It's always nice to check in with them. We will have some original count on at some point, I assume to you someday someday someday we will have some original content. Storyline. Can't watching this Bridger 10 seriously, Boyd Netflix really pushes a David. It's not. We have watched it started watching. And what's your your take of this David more more or less exciting than the Bears game yesterday? Well, it's definitely more exciting that the Bears gave yesterday. You know, it's okay. I a little confused by some of it, but I've watched. I think we've watched like three episodes of it. I think it's pretty good. They've never been to court. You see, Not all He's been to that core, but never, you know, Presented before the King and Queen. No, I have not. Yes, probably the hottest show on TV right now and the lead actor in the show. Reggae. John Page is his name is being rumored, as you know, going to be cast as the next James Bond. Wow, and apparently, I didn't see it. But he was on the Tonight show, And he says that Hey, didn't say no. But he said the Internet thinks a lot of different things. So that tells me that that decision has not been made just yet, But he's you know, he's a very handsome, He's very suave, debonair E. Certainly fits the James Bond type, You know, so well, we'll see. All right. I see what's going to happen there with that. All right,.

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