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He'll sit behind tyrod who don't talk aj mckesson aj mccarron he's gonna succeed in buffalo because it's cold like in wyoming i don't think that's the only just six weeks he's tall and he's a strong arm and everybody want against them now to see like robert clem co another one of these guys he's the one who went to buffalo and lied about them you know beating up on muslims he's like the guy wasn't he the taxi get some issues he's rooting against them because of the the tweets because he tweeted rap lyrics or whatever in from when he was fifteen i you asked me earlier about him i don't blame fifteenyearolds for tweeting stupid stuff put just own it he actually did an interview after they picked him with suzy kolber and said i didn't write those tweets my friends at my phone i go out jesus don't lie to say would it be any was on me right no one thinks your friends took your phone and type that to say it was a dumb fifteen year old even if it and you know what i guarantee those things happen guaranteed those things happen they do like a bunch of times i'd say backup patriot quarterbacks whose brothers may grab their phone and said thanks new england for a great jimmy garoppolo that can apple a day buddy why you're going to blame the other people here jerry and that's how do the agents not go back and delete they went back these people went in they couldn't find them by favorite but how many people think he can still even play most people think ally.

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