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Molina, Ron Burgundy, Aj Armstrong discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Mark Rylander of the Texas attorney general's office says Richard Abdali Malino setup scam voters for his run for mayor in two thousand seventeen when he narrowly defeated the incumbent Molina's charged with orchestrating and organized illegal voting scheme. Prosecutors say the Molina's registered voters at several locations, including at an apartment building they own. So they could cast multiple votes for him for mayor. That was Michael board and said until jurors were sent home for the day and the murder trial of Houston teen AJ Armstrong accused. Of killing his parents in their home three years ago twice Thursday. The jury told the judge they were deadlocked. Both times. The judge ordered them to keep trying to work towards verdict. The nineteen year old Armstrong is charged with capital murder three police cadets recovering after being accidents shot just south of Houston it happened. While the cadets were in police academy training in a classroom at the college of the mainland in Texas city cadet was getting his gun out of his backpack. When weapon went off the bullet hit two cadets in the leg. And of third was hit by shrapnel all three cadets were taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries while more pain at the pump. San Antonio drivers. Now paying an average of two dollars forty seven cents for a gallon of gas at two cents from last week. Statewide average went up four cents to sixty two in the national average of four to eight Armbruster. Aaa Texas says that because the United States ended waivers for countries importing oil from Iran. He says the prices are going to keep on rising all the Spurs forced to game seven in there. First round series, the nuggets pulling away for one twenty one three victory to even things up at three games apiece. Lamarcus Aldridge had twenty six points and ten rebounds. Damara Rosen scored twenty five points percent and Tonio game. Seven Saturday Denver. I'm Eric sharp. Hi, this is Ron burgundy from the Ron burgundy podcast, and I'm recording this brand new promo because apparently the old promos are now suffering from listener fatigue. So I'm recording. This new one to ask you to listen to the Ron burgundy podcast. I'm so sorry that you've become fatigued..

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