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We didn't have a black president. Wouldn't have the amount of illegal immigration all. The things that are driving supremacy wouldn't have Charlottesville we didn't have Donald Trump. So there's lots of the new book so it'll be out It'll be completed by the end of this year. Hopefully be out. Maybe by the end of the zero beginning next year you can find me at Daryl Davis Dot Com and Darryl is bell one Har- D. A. R. Y. L. Daryl Davis DOT COM. I hope you guys will just consider this to be part. One let love the Newport juice of that we would love that also definitely really quick. 'cause you just touched on. Charlottesville and I urge you in the past. You know because that whole thing at least on the surface it would appear because of like the people wanting to take down the confederate statues. And you know I. I know when people see the confederate flag it evokes a certain type of emotion. But you say that. That's American history and we shouldn't take it down on said we should take it down. We should not destroy destroy. Sorry Okay thank you yeah. The confederate flag is is American history. So a slavery so you know. We don't want to deny slavery not not exhibit. Things in our history is good bad ugly and all of it should be. Displayed is American. History and every country has bet I don't believe the confederate first of all. This country is called the United States. It only has one flat ambassador Flab. That shouldn't be flown especially over the state capital in. They were flying the confederate flag over the Chapel in South Carolina. Which I thought was wrong. That did not reflect all the people in South Carolina. I believe considered memorials should be taken down in a museum or build a confederate memorial part and dip the statues. Their flags. There people who want to do that now they are. You know that was the battle flag and end. The civil war was far was fought in the most part You know for for keeping slavery and that represented that now there those people say on another the flag represents southern heritage Blah Blah Blah. Well yes but there are many things a south has to be proud of slavery is not one of them and maybe you can find something else to be proud of. Showed that rather than show you flat. You're flying for slavery. But if you are told people this Stanford Stanford Heritage Okay here. Here's my challenge. Those people and I told them this. If you believe that flag stands for heritage every time you go to a Klan rally or just dual Klan Rally hit images you see confederate flags with rogue hooded Klansman and even people wear swastikas walking alongside confederate flag. Okay if you believe it hasn't Stanford hate then you want to reclaim your flag for heritage. Then you go to a Klan Rally with me you tell those people to give you back your flag. It does not stand for what they stand for. If you do that I will come over your house and I will give you considerate flag and hoisted up your fried full for. Thanks again. Enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you so stay friends? I will take you sir. Thank you powerful stuff guys. Wows.

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