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See how pleased people i by the by the regulations that have been loosened up dido these companies you over the whole business council disbanded ryan everyone's i wa i don't like the president's comments enjoy it fail to utilize the business community saw the tax cut the day god and are now to the tune of one hundred thirty separate companies are giving raises promotions expansions moving their companies back here do you realize the cut we're going to be growing according to jamie diamond a democrat businessman at jp morgan or is it morgan stanley africa which one he he can impose a will start growing a four percent you realize what's going on we are actually the consumer optimism is it'll time high uh so it the present if he can stay out of his own way he would be looking at fifty plus percent approval rating he be remaking the average person perception of what it needs to be a president but this was unnecessary and if it wasn't true he should eddie communications team nimble enough to say put something out thursday night because you know what the morning shows roasting something he didn't say thanks bob chuck online in gainesville georgia chuck yeah very bob what's going on which argument uh i'll go with choline about the back of the back of situation i mean this has been going on for a long time i think trump should stay with his original decision to do away with it i i mirrored of forming in the from the philippines and you know we we both good christian people but have cost me thousands and thousands of dollars much much hard i don't want to homeland security getting clear getting dance getting that in five years she still not american citizens you're studying for that they have not seen all these people just because they were born here in another or some other made even born here why should they be allowed to be you know am i gonna get a refund all all the money spent and are you gonna make my wife for the american citizen so exciting being in the soccer community i have a lot of people who come over here that really since the seventy since i was five years old almost everybody was international i i buy college team owes known as one of the three americans on the team and i.

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