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Your forecast is coming up at twenty past five. Seven forty KTAR h hit is five sixteen here in Houston's morning news is most of you know, I spend a little time in Virginia and they've talked to virtually everybody who's in the higher echelons of political office there. Including Ralph Northam. Ralph northern is an interesting guy. He is very smart, man. Obviously, he's a medical doctor, but he's extremely liberal because we found out with his comments on infanticide. You know, he's has this country. Boy, kind of asked about him. But he is his liberals today. Log except there is one thing about him. You should know. And that is like a lot of people who are liberal not always what I would call progressive as it relates to race. You don't have to be conservative. Do have maybe some. Old-fashioned ideas about race. There are plenty of liberals in Virginia or like that. In Ralph Northam, you don't get the nickname Koon man, by the way without having done something to make you deserve the nickname. So we start. Let's see if I got this straight Friday. We started off with an apology straight up apology for this yearbook photo in the was on his page in his medical school yearbook with two people one dressed in black face other dressed as a clansman first. We started with an apology them by Saturday. He'd had a chance to think it over a little bit more examined the picture a little bit more. And basically said this. This was.

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