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I have to call. Sandberg's shows. How fair Also Kylie, Jenner is going. To, turn twenty one next week so, she's kicking, off, the birthday celebrations I understand that Dave, do you have thoughts and Kelly Jenner no. Follow up though for Mary what's. Amazing about the Vanity Fair piece about Jennifer Aniston, she looks great and her daisy dukes okay Very very pretty but she talks about. How the. Piece is called the unthinkable Jennifer. Aniston she's taken a lot of her life has been lived out on the public and she's going on and so it's it's it's a. Pretty cool woman do you think you'll be gal pals at some point I'm not sure about two. Takeaways one, she doesn't the public should not tell her, she's heartbroken or not over her. Relationships and to. She said that it's. None of your business if she wants to have. Kids or, not. And that the. Idea that the paparazzi and media's telling. Her what kind of person? She, should be she said maybe it's my purpose not to. Have kids so we both agree with. That don't we don't. I agree with Jennifer Aniston we always? Agree. With Jennifer talked about this, all right Peggy here's the. Band the band is chicken bucket chicken bucket what band is that. Bad That is a band who used. To be that's exactly right Begi Your. Prizes let's move onto. Patrick. Patrick are you ready to play? Steve how's it? Going The band is called I missed? My mom's friend Betty. I. Missed my mom's friend Betty what? Band is that I'm, gonna? Go with the? Band, you're exactly right congratulations, it's almost like a pattern, here, I stand by Dennis Hello. Dennis, how are you Dave I'm. Fine how are you guys doing just fine dentistry at work today no. No I'm I'm retired now for, last night years. Within. You know music you've had an you had an opportunity. To, really? Absorb some of? These I'm a great follower lollapalooza I? Don't, doubt, it at all hotline right now how about amnesia memories amnesia memories. Steve I believe that was a ban that you were exactly right what Three in a row, is crazy, people? Catching on the game Dennis your big winner list son of. Website That's crazy hi rob, how are you What's going on. Good. Morning nice to talk to? You rob. Are, you. Ready to play I'm to play the band is called rental, car insurance rental car. Insurance is that? A band. And I was in a. Lollapalooza. Banner just a regular band I'm, just gonna completely go, through a, guest. The this. Was abandoned you're in that's. Correct what a run what a crazy, streak never seen anything like Fran tastic all of. Our, callers our winners rob hold on thank. You for the Woohoo I was not in the band. Woohoo but remember I? Wasn't the band at lollapalooza Louis oh, I didn't know that Wouldn't it be great if Woohoo open for that would be. Fantastic listen here's what you. Get you get a live broadcast, next, Friday and. An inside. Look almost a private tour if you will Saturday Night. Live the experience I get an inside look. At the making of. Saturday Night. Live over. Five hundred artifacts, the couch from Wayne's world props costumes the stage, that, they opened the show, on for, all. These years. The set for celebrity jeopardy. My favorite sketch of all time props, costumes scripts we're not this show comes together every..

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