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Follow anchor Corolla drinks for pictures and video from the Corolla family barbecue, and thanks to JBL ambassador band ever. We appreciate it. Presents definitely. Two. On the role is shown. Saint Paul Minnesota of fifty nine year old mother and her twenty year old daughter were arrested at Domino's pizza for threatening staff with a handgun because they had not received their order hot way. Definitely not. Rick Fox in studio. Jas hall is partner in studio. The podcast, g g podcast new episodes on Wednesdays apple podcasts and podcast one. And we got the game or stuff to talk about how big good see you guys again. Who do you see all Jason seen in a million years? And then Rick, I saw nine months ago in New York gruesome little match game action. Yeah, it's a good. It's a good vibe over there. Isn't it have a little funny type of show you can do they hand you drinks at eight in the morning? Encourage you to get hammered. That's like this is me this, what happens is every commercial break. They just come out hand your new drink. And at the end of your third taping you have no idea where you are. You've been drinking. I said, what if you went to a bar and you ordered a MARTINI and you were just like watching hockey and sipping off the MARTINI? And you were going to sit there for five hours, but someone just kept refilling your MARTINI like how should face the end of that game? Only on one drink. Yeah. You've had one. It's bottomless bucket of drinks. So let's talk about just how big this gaming has gotten and the teams I know you guys are team owner and the notion. Or can we say owner Rick Rick is? Yeah..

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