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Scott Lauber and hello congregation we are back with another installment of scam guided girl Lacey Mosley k. a scam gout is and every Week we get on here and act a fool and break down some of the coolest scams how this lewd wings and you know chicanery and in every week we end the episode by praise saying one of my favorite people the scammer of the week guys I'm super excited because I have a hilarious and talented comedian you've seen her on l. of vision heard her on so many podcast Muni a oh she has some soccer's I've had to help her Avai to stalker uh-huh so I cannot tell you too much about her clearly we'll find her own guys I have betsy scenario in the building thank you for having me you so excited about scam it's a very exciting topic central scams you know I I I don't think I've been scam too hard I'm trying to think there have been times where am I oh no I've been scammed way okay because if you haven't been scammed and I think that's a brag and I wanNA know like how you've avoided scams 'cause I've been been scammed Ni- must have been scammed before you know the classic of like give me money for Gas or whatever and then they just go buy beer like that I feel I get scammed constantly by like buying clothes off of the Internet ah yes and seeing them being like that looked so good on that person and then you get like I look awful in this that was actually a priscilla talked about the Mr pilot because she was buying clothes off Chinese websites and he just bought a book jacket that I thought looked so cool from China and it like my arms don't fit in it I'm so mad that China's so here's the weird thing I had somebody Emma actually somebody I was working with who had on a pair of easy and I was like y'all does ease our dope and he was like actually I own the real pair and this is a knock that I got from China like well why don't you wear the real it was like goes I don't WanNa get a messed up and wear my knockoffs around town I was like work and what was crazy is he saying that because they looked exactly like yeah like I have an eye for a knock off because you're not living up to China purse behind a wall risk I took some for some fake Gucci for some poaching they grow you want some out or Coochie jeep that's like comeback here and now he's GonNa come behind this wall and like oh in this alleyway all this man yeah absolutely full fashioned then the purse like smells Weirdo yes you know it's not good if it don't smell like if I'm not worried about cancer if I'm not worried about like in a few years like if you or loved won hers from an Alley in United Idle Mel's like a fort you can sue literally every minute I got like a knockoff north face backpack wa I remember unzipping it and opening and just like good God it stinks so fucking bad I think north face backpack is a funny ass thing to get a nagase because it's like not that really isn't then in question to be real like what north face designs look like who the fuck knows that I if you're from Colorado you know we'll see I lived in Pittsburgh and I don and I only got into the north face when I went to college and it was called Shit light jackets from gap and I was like I'll be warm j hale new I have to get better than down feather like I wanted to north facing they scammed honestly because I bought everything they had got hair ties that's gonNA keep my the let me get twelve we do one hundred bucks each okay great Arabic people climb mass big one now everest wearing these hair ties so you're gonNA be fine yeah may die but here and there a warm the rest of their body is frozen to death so yeah I get that one completely but when he bought these baggies is he told me that companies obviously outsource a lot to China right nice shit is being made in China but sometimes a factory will lose a contract and they'll still have all the materials the supplies they're like I fuck you bitch you don't want us to make easy as we don't make fees and they look just like Oh my God yes and I'm proud of them for that because is like Chinese people in those factories work too hard and I hope that they get a little coined Aita do do well have you heard now I know of in Colorado when I was growing up there and like in college a in gas stations they only sold three two beer so like lower percentage beer and they were the only things open on a Sunday so we had a lot of times where I guess we'll just get three do beer and but like sometimes we would get really hammered off of it and we had a theory that they have like bad batches oh where they're like just put all that nasty stuff in the three to cayennes right isn't that expected quality oh I'm sure I'll call companies are all types of shady stuff too absolutely and I mean it's poison anyway so what you're going to say I call it comes like what is poison you're doing this to yourself way we told you if you drink too much dad what are you respect for quality control fucking idiot you know there's a Botka now that's made from water noble what yes after the dock they made a vodka yes and they said it was like the water is partially radioactive but through the distilling process it's no longer radio ad to go get radioactive hell yeah excel fucking water that makes our skin melt off it's called tab bottle pig on in it's called Automic Lou with a k. because that is so eastern Europe the best way Angelina Jolie gone name her next Kid Tom MC with K we that so why the old I mean like people will buy anything tourism is a bitch you know have you seen those photos of people like yeah it has mass Cuccia I showed you I showed yes Ah yes it blows my mind and love it would you go to think I would I feel like I could go somewhere that look similar enough to get the photos and actually go to channel Larry Drifts take them types of risks okay I'm black it's risky and just you know leave him a house come back every day that is so funny and so so you got to laugh you gotta we gotTa just laugh at these times and that's why I literally was like fine with all the black wax over the pop I should say trump's president we gotta have some fun okay back in the day black folks were died talk about chicken and public because it was a stereotype so chicken and watermelon civilized I like chicken and I'm GonNa come dance Roy I deserve Joel then please Yucca habit do turn noble head coach that's why I'll taste on it though I would put it in my mouth I would absolutely you're right it's already poison right so what's a little wine I always get a little bit more boise exactly you know so we're gonNA jump orange segment what's hot in fraud okay this is where warn our listeners about hot new scams I tried to keep everybody on their toes about scares except for my scams everyone you must participate it that's the part of the yes remember where you signed the apple contract and it was real long bad hammer in there you should have read you should have you got scared right Steve and I was like well shit let me get in here who pays yes thieves awhile jobs dead I fuck in new it I is not dead he's alive in every iphone update you know what I'm saying how yeah like her you can feel him in the breeze and they never leave Steve Jobs is alive every time I get software update I'm like hi q city thank you I'm GonNa ruin my shit from within the iphone eleven about the job you know Steve after the tanker in my bad Harry is getting too hot too I was like no I only use iphone approved charges I did everything they asked me to my still going to hell yeah no apples big scam oh it's a huge I love it the best thing I love about the scam is the group think like I can't leave apple because it's fucking gang tech's gang gang I like when I see a green tag green I get so mad so angry with greeted the fuck is wrong bad who's dude bad news it's inconsiderate not to just buy iphone like the rest of us because you fucking group tests you ever get group tests and then somebody would fuck green tech's hit you up and then all of a sudden you've got eleven Gov and everything split up and a lot of like we I couldn't see the picture I get fucking iphone my love because now there's another me saying that I love the comedy 'cause Y'all got him fucking my mind me fight may fight her people to fight hell yeah you know what's crazy though android phones and none of that happened so they can color their texts whatever else they can use it they can make inning main text Abbas honestly probably a bad uh-huh camera that that's what I was like no webpage our cameras trash so why don't we just get three camera exactly I don't know why shots bitch I'm Clyde lied anything fancy involving I'm doing my camera I know last movie but you know what I'm against it Oh 'cause I gotta hottest in the later you have to yeah I'm GonNa try to wait for that first glitch go by the first half single every single thing always had the first thing always has a glitch up is like okay you can't type the letter A. But the phone is isn't that phone cool no sides you don't even need vows not saying apple doesn't want you to use vowels remember when they put glass all over that shit oh I would miss respectful I remember ever gotten that I in the back of your phone crack and affront what the fuck is then I did have one of those and I shattered it a lot Oh my God appalachia apple mccue but I love your call me please call yeah you do computer was higher fried said Okay what California's diffic- and anywhere the law lines you know we have some wild that's earthquake this I know I I was fortunately at a town ooh all of them for the last two which were stronger with the first one was on my birthday was on July Fourth Oh shit yeah fourth of July guys look Hashtag on wanted brain my birthday for years copyright ask you copyrighted right now do it does copyright my Hash so you will know and we'll know by copyright Taco Tuesday Folly Yes oh God cast Lebron that's a Scam I love Game he just takes a word back from all of us like I own it now that would be pretty incredible right I'm hoping it works out chew now loved sued by Lebron James I would love that my colleague rare that ball is he gonNA come I'm GonNa bring my camera yeah exactly almost up to par this is an pick right oh several pigs children as well the kids make you and bring your kid celebre.

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