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My commute a little shorter so I do have that time to because we're always be like we could be doing something during that time and now we can actually do something during that exactly. I like that and I'm thankful for that. But like I need the occasional views to go out still like. That'd be nice if I could do like what you do in like a couple of days be able to go out and physically work at the office or something that we great but like I don't WanNa go to work right now because it's one of the hardest areas of our state but no thank you. I also work in that area. You do but I have no choice. I have to go and so this next one is the color code. Every kid in the family had an assigned colored to help keep track of what belong to who so like my color was red. My toothbrush toothbrush was read. My towel was read. I was only allowed to drink out of the red cups and eat off the plates. My stuff was northern red bend etc. My sister's kids weren't there go now. You need all these colors. My sister's caller was yellow so all her stuff was yellow. While other family didn't do it really did help us. Keep things organized and avoid argument. There's only two of UNITA Kakuma. Those are GonNa be like four kids. You know colors or maybe it was like okay. Mom and Dad's Louise Yours. Are these like Dolphin. I thought I want to eat on the blue plate today. More kids because it's harder to keep tracking and it's like you know. I thought that was the reason for this of this. I think or you can just get all white plate and everyone's everyone gets a white plate. You have no choice. I don't know is it. Just the Indian thing where it's like where just like more strict than in the beginning whereas like listen to me like whatever I stay goes where like. We don't get to the point where we don't have already get sit. Watch out for the bill. The next one said evil pop culture. We weren't allowed to watch pokemon or star wars. I think because my mom just didn't like them. We were highly religious family and I think all of us went through a phase of believing pokemon and or star. Wars was evil based on the fact that we weren't allowed to watch it my gonNA find out about that until we are older. And she found it. Pretty Hilarious oh gosh People crazy that so I mean yeah I mean I've never watched star wars either wasn't restricted from to with like what we want on the Ri- those very cool I do not. Oh how cool ever like saying all these things like these names like and the person we are with was super into it. Her Dad and I was like I don't know and they're like oh the basis at this place. They mentioned on like if they asked me. I don't even know what you just said like. Were you speaking English because definitely you were not? I don't like and I was like. Are they actually going to be like asking something? Well if you do I honestly will be like. I don't know idea what they just said. I've never seen star wars. I'm this here because this is supposed to be a cool ride and it's new and fancy and the button fast enough so yeah thank you bye first visit. Yeah but it was really cool for its own news. Never seen it. The millennial Millennium Falcon the one that we were going on. I saw like a virtual video of it and it seems really close. If we did not look like it would have been fun to. Yeah but like Dat was a newer one dying star wars. I WANNA go for the new thing and it was A. It was like a cool riot looking things they're lying. Oh my God I couldn't figure out like the Lions for some things on so long. I couldn't figure what they were for. Because the end of the line was practically out of the section of what the line was four so? I was like all right this thing apart from this thing. Nope the photo pass person. Are you for that? Nope this thing like well. We also the day we went to Hollywood studios was president's Day weekend so everyone was exactly but there wasn't there not as much to do in Hollywood in terms of rights are like only exactly mount rice so I feel like we hit the big one. We really really wanted to do so. It wasn't bad so the next one is called kitchen nightmare. We couldn't go into the kitchen barefoot. It was the third generation rule. My Mom couldn't and neither could her grandfather my grandfather. He couldn't because he had dirt floors in the kitchen growing up so when he had kids even though they had will noli on the floor he couldn't shake the rule so my mom either and now my mom has rolled over to us. Wait till you hear me barefoot everywhere else in the house but if you're going into the kitchen put some shoes on. Yeah that's very complex. What the middle of summer. And you're like so hot. Hug Up with them shoes on. Maybe they'll stop you from eating. Just Benji I want shoes on. I guess I won't go get food or do. They have like a rack of shoes. Outside the kitchen into the living room. Wherever what's connected dining room like just a rack of shoes like accredited? They just have like football or something. That like you warn gin and then you come off is so crazy I mean I kind of wear slippers and stuff around the house. Just the kitchen. Yeah Yeah I don't walk around without someone like in the summer anywhere flips around the.

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