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Thanks for joining us. We're here every Saturday evening. We recap what happened in the news the week before. And take a look at what's coming up in the next week. And it was another big week in the news. We talked earlier in the first half hour about Virginia's democratic governor. Who's in big trouble north, and whether or not he's going to survive, and my guest is by the next time the next day by this time next week. No, he's probably going. We'll see. But the pressure is mounting both Democrats and Republicans calling for his resignation, and then we transitioned into what has been a tremendous move to the left by number of people in the democrat party this past week, Senator Kamla Harris, and she's not alone. And we're going to get to another one coming up in just a second before we get to that. I do want to get to this. Because I think it's really important especially for parents. And I'm gonna make this quick before we get back into the transition topic of Democrats moving really really left. These are signs that your child is being bullied, and I'm gonna make him very very quick because you you may be going through this in your your home number one a sudden change in your child's behavior look for this because bullying is such a huge problem. Whether your child is very outgoing person or are very shy person or a sporty person, if they change all of a sudden you need to take notice number two unexplained cuts and bruises that's self explanatory. Keep an eye on that number three if they try to avoid certain areas. So if you have a kid who always walks or bikes to school, very happily in now is desperate for a ride or they become lazy? Maybe not number two number the next one. I should say new friends. Do they have new friends are they changing friends changing friends could be more out of necessity than desire. Keep an eye on that taking their anger out on siblings. Do you see that type of change at home at the dinner table next? Are they engaged? In high risk behaviors this is a warning sign much more prevalent in adolescence, then preteens self-destructive even self harming actions. A big warning sign that a kid is being tormented. Keep an eye on that next random good or bad grades. If you see grade start to move off, the you know, what is the typical needle, and they're moving one way or the other that's a sign and personal items that persistently just happened to get lost. Oh, I lost that. Maybe not maybe Johnny the bully stole it. I just wanted to get that in because it's really an important topic. And those are just really some key signs at that caught my eye today. Hey, these are specific things that if you see happening with your kids, take notice. Okay, back to the topic at him. Democrats who are moving very very far to the left, and I want to get into a sound bite from both Michael Bloomberg and a new congress person from Minnesota. And wait till you hear the kind of taxes she would like to charge Americans before we get to that. Let's get to the phone real quickly. Mike from Stockton calls in on this Saturday evening. Hi, mike. What are your thoughts on this topic, sir? Well, I was listening to your discussion, I'm appreciating it very much. My comments quick it's regarding the Medicare for all and the free college for everybody. If you're in favor of those things or you're trying to make your mind, I suggest you go look at the VA system. Yeah. Right. And look at the public schools, well w work California gets raided nationwide. While the California Public school system is in a big big huge challenge. I mean, look at Sacramento. I mean, they're bankrupt the unified school district. It's that's a mess. Hey, and listen Mike you live in Stockton. And all of a sudden, I just as you're talking. I'm thinking wait a minute Stockton. That's a city where the mayor and city leaders are handing out free money to people. Yeah. What's what's more interesting is they don't have as many people signing up for that. As they thought. I don't know the statistics on it. But there was a comment honest the other day about it's not a big rush for people to come in to get the money. Is that right? I'm very surprised by that. Because as I understand it. My correct me if I'm wrong, but there are no strings attached to this money. Right. I mean, you get like five hundred bucks a month. Right. I'm it's five hundred bucks a month is my understanding, and I'm not really up on the detail. We stopped taking the local paper a long time ago. But yeah, that is happening here. And my only point was if you want an example of government control, the things that you're talking about you know, you can go out and see them right now today. Well, and you know, they're Mike. I think there are people who could argue there are other agencies that you could point to as well, it wouldn't just stick with the VA in public school system. I lied appreciated. Your other caller previous caller who works in the government in her comments. There's someone who knows they work in the system. It's very telling when someone who works within the system calls into makes those remarks, I totally agree with you, Mike. Absolutely. Thank you, sir. Thank you. I appreciate the call. Mike from Stockton calling in on a Saturday evening. Okay. Let's get to former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Okay. Now, we just read for you before the break, his reaction to this whole idea of Medicare for all. And getting rid of private insurance companies across the board being proposed by California Senator Kamala Harris who was running for president of the United States. And he says we can't afford it. We we do not have the money. He also reacted this past week. And we have an audio clip of this one. Here. He is this past week. He's criticizing Alexandria. Oh, Cossio Cortez's proposal different proposal this one to Levy a seventy percent tax on everyone who makes ten million dollars or more. I.

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