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So that's one thing that i don't like that his name's not being mentioned. Then you got these guys who are out. Well here's another one that you didn't hear much about how about marvin lewis route. I'm gonna pass morganlewis for this. This reason. chris. And i'm not saying that he can't get an dan. He shouldn't be getting interview. I'm not saying that. I did not say i think that's a hard sell when your own seven in the postseason was a lot of problems in cincinnati when he was there a lot of player. I'm just this is like it right. He wouldn't be at the top of my list. I'm not saying i'm top of anybody's list. I'm not saying he can't get interview chris. That's not what i say. He's done better than a lot of guys who are considered candidate. That's all i'm saying. I agree but but he does have some negatives. Can you admit that. And yeah. I mean like you say you don't i i i do think though and i think one of the points you're making hartselle. How do i hit my fan base excited about. Let me give you the example. The lions have one playoff game since nine hundred fifty seven. You can hire. Marvin lewis chris. He's always seven in the playoffs. Like like that. that's just would relay. How could you hire guy. Never won a playoff game for franchise that hasn't okay wealth. Say if you want to say detroit. I'm just saying right now. But he has he could sell it to cincinnati. You know they don't have the resources necessarily to somebody other places half look at him since he left. They made it seven straight years. He turned them around immediately. Never got him over the hump right. You know what i'm saying. But let's see if there's a bill bill o'brien we say the same thing about right. Will he get a shot down the road. No i you works. And here's the iraq. Quick thing quickly. 'cause we gotta break robert solid now. There's some confusion over this because these lebanese most lebanese coach pat license. Yes arab american. Lebanese and i heard today on the radio. They caught him the fourth coach of color in the league. Right now you got mike tomlin of course brian flores ron rivera and now robert solid which i think was a great hire but on the. Us census lebanese is considered white. Is that right with oughta got because they got egyptian under there and all that i have to this vital thing middle eastern people are really like white but under in the us census it does say the twenty eighteen cents is he had white and in lebanese was one of the things they mentioned under white. And you know all the lebanese people. I've known have considered themselves white real and so it's a question. Is he really a coach of color. Or what you know so. But it's to a coach's right now. African americans in thirty two team league that seventy percent black. I don't like it. I don't like it so eighty seven ninety nine on fox. Eight seven seven nine nine sixty three sixty nine also could mentioned by left leverage raheem morris and gerard mayo. Now he's supposedly a candidate in philly so we'll see what happens there and rahmael cornell didn't get any more after he took over. I know that houston finished strong. Yeah i mean they were big better but you know america. Are you listening any award. Winning host and journalist carlos watson you may not feel like it but we've been here before and it's up to us to lead the way we setting america the carlos watson. Show the la times says this is what true discussions should look like your vol- things. We've got to have bowled conversation. Good morning america says this show is changing the conversation before ever gonna reset america. The time is ripe to the carlos watson show on the iheartradio app or wherever my death. Guys it's bobby bones. I host the bobby jones show. And i'm pretty much always sleepy because i wake up with three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later on my friends together we get into a room and we radio show. We share our allies. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world if he possibly can and we looked through the news of the day that you care about also your favorite country. Artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music too. So wake up with a bunch of my friends. I ninety eight point seven w. mc q in washington dc or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio app..

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