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Entire deal gave Frank senior how lifelong habits what was it exist yet Sinatra to communicate with the kidnappers via pay phone he carried a roll of times throughout the whole ordeal when it became a lifelong habit it said he was even buried with a roll of dice it is twelve thirty nine as more things open back off more people are getting nervous about what to do stay home go out go to the store stay away from the store go to the restaurant has the food delivered home from the restaurant go to the beach sit in the living room watch TV sound familiar people are anxious now things we want to avoid hard things like Michael the court could pass devising psychologist moe Gelbart with Torrance memorial Medical Center I called the what ifs like what if I go to a restaurant and what if someone next to me as Covidien what if I get sick and what if I spent you know we go down that downward spiral and we need to be able to say stop and I say change what if to what is important to remember experts tell us to concentrate on things you can control in your life in this case you can control wearing a mask and washing your hands and keeping your social distance from others Charles Feldman can extend seventy newsradio if you have been enjoying those relaxed parking enforcement regulations during this call that nineteen pandemic you'll be happy to hear this the department of transportation says it will extend them until July sixth sense some safer at home orders are still in place but it's still a good idea to check which funds are being way because there are some that are still being enforced as southern California's head back to work some people might get the idea that we've beaten this virus that it's still out there it's really hard to stop viruses Dr Joseph Ladapo associate professor at UCLA's David Geffen school of medicine it's good to take precautions but it's also important to be realistic about the fact that you know that some people were going to test positive for Kobe and you need to prepare for that he says as places of business open back up people need to be extra vigilant on social distancing and face masks and keep in mind risk factors people who are younger you know really under fifty or so and help the it's very very low risk but don't get the idea that corona viruses gone rob archer que in next ten seventy newsradio problem in Rowland heights right now sixty westbound at the Nogales offramp and it's coming up the right lane not so sixty west bow more on that coming up with the rest of traffic conformance let's say you just bought a house bad.

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