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Champa feud from start to as it stands right now finish. I am one. After the show I am Jeff. Peck joined every single week on my costs. Only only Dr Franklin Doctor Trae we are about probably cover. The best feud that has gone on during the entire S. Rt YOU air. Yeah I. It's definitely since I start Because I don't know when the Owens Kevin Sammy Zane Capstein Elgin. Air Coffee was ending But it was before I started on to you so in the modern era of S. RT. You it is absolutely the best viewed. It is It's an amazing feud the reason why. Like there's definitely soft soft place in my heart for the Kevin Owens Kevin Steen El Erico feud from ring of honor like that is to me like one of the best year. Long feuds that I can ever remember. This is like right up there and we're going to go through this and what's crazy about. This feud is it's about four years nearly three and a half to four years and I know when you when we look back at a lot of lot of the issues as to why it was so long because there were like multiple injuries To to CIAMPA one a Gorgon that that slowed things down. But it's just an amazing metamorphosis of characters and it's very very similar to generic. Oh and Kevin Steen ironically enough Guys that tagged with one in generic and seen and and two guys in Champa and Gargano that also tagged with one another and similar to Stena generic. Oh that is extremely relatable to the wrestling fan. You know there's a lot of parallels here we are gone. We watched Champa grow up before our eyes The same thing we did with Steven Generic. Oh as well to even now to what we see today enrolled. Russ entertainment with Kevin Owens and Sami Zane so there's a lot of different parallels air and I think there's this emotional investment that fans have into these characters especially are gone on Champa As there was with steam generic. Oh what's cool about these guys is like. I remember watching Champa at those shows as a I think he was like the project to Moscow champ and then when I saw him pop up in annex t He wasn't as good as you when I saw him in the late nineties or ninety late two thousands Early two thousand ten's he wasn't an amazing worker. That was like Oh this guy's the future but then when you saw him years later in annexed he quickly became one of the best workers potentially in the last decade Certainly in the last three years both of these guys Johnny Gargano Tomas Champa so the story begins Doc trae on August third two thousand sixteen and it starts at the cruiserweight classic A one time turn with we did on the network and John Tomasz Champa battle each other in the first round. The match lasted just over ten minutes. It was extremely compelling compelling aspect of that match was to Moscow Chambas unwillingness to pull the trigger as he contemplated landing the running knee from the corner to Johnny Gargano The psycho killer at a moment compassionate cost them the match and in the end carjon world champion to advance to round two It was a very classic moment that they ended up replay multiple times in the middle of the ring next to one another On the ground arms around each other very classic shot from the Cruise Way Classic and that all started at the cruiserweight classic tournament back on August. Third Two Thousand Sixteen Dr Trae any memories from that match the Chris Way Classic with those to you in kind. It's weird because you go back to that time. And neither guy was really highly regarded. A like like yeah. These guys are good but we didn't. We didn't know they would get to the level of kind of like they're almost shoehorned into the tournament. Like you saw this laundry list guys who really work in an xt. It was cedric. Enter wasn't an NFC. All these guys that we see now weren't so having Gargano Chop kind of gone there against each other was kind of like all right. This is kind of like. They're throwing them a bone because they're did exceed and they've had some good matches up to this point. We'll see how it goes in you know. Also it was two guys that were friendly. But they weren't as close as they would get coming out of this like they. They became friends. But seeing these guys in there is like wow. These guys have a special chemistry. Got a special kind of thing. Going here There's this question of how is going to play out and where to go. But it was one of the highlights of the tournament that people it almost gets lost Because of the highlights of the rest of the cruiserweight classic but that was a phenomenal. First Round Matchup Between two guys that were on the indies but weren't really known within the mainstream of. Wwe WANNA give a shout out here too by the way to progressing stories dot com. Who helped a lot of the prep for this edition of the show so go check that out as well. If you'd like to see that a recap of this amazing few Jennifer gone on to Moscow Champa next phase of this story. Diy doesn't win the annex SEATAC titles or the Dusty Rhodes Acting Classic. It was also during this time. The DIY lost the revival in an NFC tactile match annex takeover Brooklyn to on August twentieth. Two Thousand Sixteen. I was there for that match. It was pretty cool I. Then they lost the authors of pain and the Doc- rotating classic semi-finals on November seventh. Two Thousand Sixteen so as tag attacking. This is where they started to to really blossomed. Dr Trae was during this time at NFC takeover Brooklyn to. They had the crowd in the palm of their hands They were making some waves in the tax division in Exte- but end up losing to authors pain who ended up winning the entire tournament on November seventh the Shirley before their match against a revival takeover. Toronto which will get to here in the next point. But this is when you started to see the build of diy in annexed and they were kind of Your the scrappy underdogs. Everybody you cheer for them. Because that's what you're doing with baby faces but they were kind of like you know when you had the others of pain When you had the revival American Alpha was still kind. Of on the periphery there. Were still kind of lingering right before they got called up. You had tm six one. That was Kinda hyped up. You know with them coming in so. Diy was kind of like the forgotten team but they were the equivalent of what Danny Burch and only Larkin are now like they were just a really solid tag team that you could put into the mix they would have great matches and but he didn't know if you had anything special even at this point yet they were just too damn good workers that could get a compelling match of Tags and you put on the ring with I remember. They won the number one contenders for the TAG team. Titles in the summer like July that year and it was really weird because at that point they were like jobbers in annex t when they became number one contender. It's like this this matches going GonNa Stink and they started getting a lot of momentum on. Nfc television the full sail crowd loved them. They loved them since they debuted in annexed like months prior. I think it was like September October. Two Thousand Fifteen are they. Were in that. First Dusty Rhodes texting classic thrown together pair But yeah you started seeing the momentum carry in a carry itself to the pinnacle which takes place on November Nineteenth. Two Thousand Sixteen. Diy Wins an exciting goal that antics takeover Toronto It's a classic match. The third fall is the most memorable from that match with both dash in Dawson simultaneously tapping out thus making. Diy The new tag team champions at this point diy reached the pinnacle of their successes. Attacked him in a match of the year performance. It was an amazing match. Dr Trae One of the best acting matches. I think we've ever covered in this show here that Match between the revival and diy the two out of three falls match from antics he takeover Toronto as diy became our new NFC. Tag Team Champions. Yeah it was. Was We ones where like on one hand. We were sitting here. I remember I was kind of doing the prediction. What hand you're like. Well revivals got to be moving up here at some point but they also you so if they do so they dropped the belts. Drop it to champion. Gano and it was. It was like yeah. They got a good bill behind him. The crowds getting full sail. Loves them but you know were they ready to pull the trigger and when you wash that match back like it is just fantastic from start to finish like though I mean that timing x t like when you had the America through viable to diy like those matches were so great and you can put any kind of combination together and they were going to be fantastic and this is kind of what cemented DIY has. Hey these guys were there together. They're an elite level tactic. They can have fantastic matches with technicians. Flyers brawlers doesn't matter and it was like you excited because you felt like it was unexpected like you knew the revival against the main roster some point. But you know we're was the belt to maybe a little more hyped up than this thrown together tag team that just kind of got on a roll and It worked at match was great. They've played off that thing so many times since The revival has played off fat in matches on the main roster sits Because it was so good that you try take aspects of it and fit it into matches later on but just one of those ones where you watch your back even three years later. And you're like man that was just so damn good to watch The rendered around this time they were holding the tag team championships. You sorta seeing seeds being planted of tomato champ turning on Johnny Gargano here and that would be the break of diy and that was like the expectation moving forward and We had to January twentieth two thousand seventeen and actually takeover San Antonio. Diy Loses the NFC tag team championship. Ceo P that night l. p. was expected to To win many fans including US during that time felt like Champa was going to turn and it didn't happen that night. Then there was also a triple threat elimination match for the NFC Tactic Championship between diy. And the that was a great match often forgotten about that we thought was going to lead to a split and didn't as Aarp retain the revival moved up to the main roster Matt Annex Takeover Orlando on April. First two thousand seventeen so for about like a four month. Run Dr Trae. We were feeling like Oh. Diy break up break up to break up. It didn't happen and at this point I felt like back then. We were invested in them. Remain is attacking going forward from that point forward especially when you get your own. T shirts made up almost you on some level. I'm thinking of the Chris Jericho to AJ. Yeah WHY TO J. T T shirts made that means you got break up and yet the DIY shirts out there and people were buying them up. And I'm like man that's gotta be a symbol that they're gonNA turn right away and he didn't do it and and it was the Senate Tonio one. I really remember that being one where I thought it was going to happen because Shawn michaels hometown in. Gargano is a huge Shawn. Michaels family. It's Shawn Michaels and just waiting for that to happen. In that building in didn't happen I was like with you. I'm like man. Maybe they're not going to pull the trigger. Maybe we need the baby faces around. Maybe they break up and go separately and stay on singles rods but as baby faces But I kept waiting for because I remember CIA from ring of Honor. Much like you did. And what a good healy was and I was like man concern. Chop has guy go. He'll just because like he's so good at it And Gargano sympathetic white me beatty phase. They everybody loves but they didn't pull the trigger at this point. I'm like okay. I'm in on there..

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